Sunday, August 15, 2004



Some day's, when I talk with Peggy, she will break into a song.    She has always had a beautiful voice and I like to hear her sing. 

When we were growing up together at 1805 St. Charles Court, we would all sing harmony while we cleaned up the kitchen after dinner.

 Alzheimer's continues to take her music away but it has not stopped the song in her heart.....

I know that I will always hear her song, even when she forgets how to sing!  

When her memory fails and Alzheimer's disease erases Peggy's ability to sing.....  

I will sing the words of our songs to her as she disappears from my sight.

Even after she is gone.... nothing will ever erase the music that she has imprinted on my heart.

Peggy and the melody she gave to my life will be a part of my soul forever.

I Love You Today, Peggy!

Mary Louise                                         

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barbpinion said...

She is safe though, next to the Lord's heart. I'm sure that comforts you immensely. Hugs, my friend. *Barb*