Friday, August 20, 2004



When Peggy and I were children, we made a pinkie promise to one another one day. It was a hot summer day and we had been playing dolls in the back yard of our house. We took our dolls to our place between Mrs. Lilly's fence and our garage. There, we made our pinkie promise.

The promise that was made with all the conviction of young hearts. The promise was that we would always be friends and we would always live next door to one another. We would each have two children, a girl and a boy and they would play together. Every Friday, we would take the #3 West End bus downtown and eat lunch together in the Loveman's department store restaurant.

What we didn't know that day was that Alzheimer's disease had chosen Peggy and would take all her promises away. It was with us the day that we made our promises to one another. I now think that Alz. tried to pry our fingers apart that day but with the resolve of our youth, had no success.

Alzheimer's would slither away and wait for a day in Peggy's future. A day when it would successfully take the promise of her life from her and from us.

Alzheimer's disease kept it's promise and successfully pried our fingers apart one day not so long ago.

It was the day that I called Peggy and she didn't know who I was.

Our Pinkie promise was broken and so was my heart.

Alzheimer's probably laughed at my tears that day. I hung up the phone and cried as I remembered two little girls with so much promise in their lives. Two little girls who were supposed to be together forever. We honestly thought that nothing could break our bond because we had made a Pinkie promise. A promise to always be forever friends and to stay close.

Alzheimer's disease scoffed at our promise and is taking my forever friend away a little more every day.

Peggy cannot keep her pinkie promise to me but I will keep my Pinkie promise to her by staying close.........

until she completely disappears...

I Love You today, Peggy!

Mary Louise


blufaery84 said...

by the way, Awesome pic :'-)

blufaery84 said...

No! No! No!!! The promise is still kept!! You are still there for her and she still loves you!! What a rechid desease.... :-(

iamnotparanoid said...

Oh how my heart breaks, I am very proud to know that you continue to stand by her and uphold your part of that little girls pinkie promise.  I wish you the best!

Hugs and Best Wishes

carolhehe said...

Your Pinkie promise is still there she just doesn't know it anymore thanks to alz. What a robber. So sad :(

caragricke said...

Beautifully written.  I can see you both playing beside the house and making the pinky promise.  With much love to you....caragricke (Barbara)

wumzels2 said...

today was already an emotional day for me.  my 18 yr old daughter who has been estranged from me from almost 2 years called and asked me to go to church with her.....neither of us have been in some time, me because of work, her because of a lifestyle change.  so upon reading this first entry about your sister, brought tears to my heart........what a lovely tribute, this journal, to a wonderful sister who is being stolen away, piece by piece, day by day.  but i think it is wonderful that you have memories to hold onto.  thanks for writing this.........since i never had any sisters or brothers, it helps me see how much love there could have been had i had some.  blessings, regina