Tuesday, August 10, 2004



The pond in our yard is filled with so much green algae that you can hardly see the fish.

The pond has been clear for a long time and all of a sudden the algae has taken over. It has clogged the filter and oozes down the waterfall.

 The filters are cleaned every day and the scum is scraped from the rocks on the water fall. The very next day the green slime is back and thicker than before.

I think this is what Alzheimer's disease does to a mind. It enters a clear, thinking mind and slowly clogs the thought processes. The slime wraps around every nerve and fiber and fills every space in the brain. It continues growing this murky slime until the mind is so clogged that it is helpless to think or act on it's own.

There are no drugs to keep the filter of the mind free from the Alzheimer's assault of the oozing slime. There are only drugs to slow down the process for a short while.

Peggy is in the last stages of the Alzheimer's algae assault that covers her mind. Her brain is covered with the poison of the slime.

The bright, clear headed, ambitious, beautiful person that I knew, now sits in a chair and is immobilized by the green slime of the Alzheimer's Algae.

June Masters Batcher said,  God is so big..He can cover the whole world with his love and so small..........He can curl up inside your heart.

Peggy's mind is filled with Alzheimer's Algae and there is no room for any one or any thing to be present in her brain but guess what!!!!!

God is curled up inside of her heart.....and she is safe.

I Love You Today, Peggy!

Mary Louise


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