Thursday, August 19, 2004


I have received many supportive E-mails since starting my journal about Peggy. It has helped more than anyone can know.

I felt the need this morning to let you know that there are other sides to my life. Fun, happy sides that I wanted to share with you.

I have several other journals that will give you the other side of my life. Peggy and I were always joking and laughing about life and she would be very upset with me if I let people think that I was always sad and down over her.

So, I invite you to read the other side of my life.

My favorite writings in Getting Old Ain't for Sissy's... were written in July of this year. It is...1. VACATION  (PUFF.. (PUFF) and 2. THE BEACH CRITIC...AT THE BEACH.

I hope you will take the time to visit my other journals and see that I am not a completely depressed, sad person..

Peggy is always on my mind and she always will be but there has to be room to live and laugh. She would be the first person to encourage me to do this.

I will continue to call her every day and write my feelings but I needed some balance. Writing in my other journal's has given me the balance that I needed in my life and in my writing.

I Love You Today, Peggy!

Thank You.. for making me laugh this morning and by your laughter... encouraged me to share the humor that we alway's had together!

Mary Louise


barbpinion said...

Will check them out soon as I can. Hope you're having a good day.

caragrike said...

I laughed too over these especially when we were on the bed and Peg had taken Daddy to see Santa.   We had a good time always at Christmas exchanging our 12 or more $1 gifts.  I cherish those times.  Thanks for writing and remembering those times we did laugh together.  caragrike (Barbara)