Thursday, August 12, 2004


Dressing My Heart for the Daily Calls

My daily call to Peggy is like dressing my heart in a room with no windows. I have to guess how my heart should be dressed for each call.

Sometime, when I call, I dress for a blizzard and it turns out to be a warm spring day and there I Stand.... in my Ski Clothes! I am dressed for below freezing weather in my Hat, Ski mask, Gloves and Boots!!!!!!

Sometime, I call Peggy bare footed, dressed for summer and I am confronted with a snow storm. 

Most of the calls brings a warm spring day for which I am always grateful!

Deciding how to dress my heart is a little price to pay to hear Peggy's familiar voice and laughter.

Today was a good day, A warm, summer day!

( Ross and Peggy on a summer day)

Today was warm with much laughter over the smallest things.

I am so glad that I called bare footed and ready for the warm, welcoming sun of Peggy's voice to drench my heart!

I do know that the winter of Alzheimer's is not far away and my calls will cease to be warm. One day, my call will not be answered because Peggy will have disappeared in the ice and freezing cold of the Alzheimer's winter.

Thank You for the summer of your voice today, Peggy!

 I will cherish it always because as Beverly LaHaye said, a sister is someone who understands your past, and accepts you today......

Just the way you are!

I Love You Today, Peggy!

Mary Louise

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Dear sweet Peggy