Thursday, August 26, 2004


It has been hot and dry here. The grass is thirsty and we have hoped for rain.

The rain came today and it is falling softly as I write. This is exactly the type of rain that we needed.  Because of its gentle decent to the earth, the ground can soak it up. I can almost hear the grass and plants suck in the warm liquid.

Yesterday, we also got rain but it came down in torrents. It fell with such force that it could not be soaked up by the grass and plants. It ran off the ground in rivers and was no comfort to the dry, cracked earth.

A healthy person gets soft soaking rain to their brains every day. Information is assorbed through sight, sounds and smell. Our brains are constantly taking in the information that we need as we go through the common motion of our lives. We walk, think, eat and use bathroom facilities and do the millions of daily activities that we take for granted.

A person that has Alzheimer's disease endures torrents of rain to the brain every moment of the day. The rain comes to their brains with such force that it cannot be assorbed or used to perform daily functions. It just runs off with out ever nurturing the brain.

The force of the rain that is pummeling Peggy's brain every day keeps her thoughts jumbled and causes her memories to run off like a river.

Peggy was in a happy mood this morning. I told her that I was coming to see her on Monday. She said you are!!

I have some concern that she won't know who I am and I'm not sure how I will react to that.

Maybe the torrents of rain will hold off that day and she will smile and say, Hi Mary Louise. I hope for that but I am preparing myself for the rivers and torrents of  the Alzheimer's rain.

The rivers of Alzheimer's rain that run through her mind constantly and may have emptied  her brain of any memories of me.

I am hoping for a soft, soaking rain that day so we can walk together in the rain like we did when we were young girls.

Either way, we will be together.  Alzheimer's may be winning in the storm of Peggy's brain but it can not take my memories of her away.........

I will walk with her even if she doesn't remember who I am because so far.....

I've made it through the rain.

I Love YouToday, Peggy!

Mary Louise


carolhehe said...

You know my mother had alot of strokes and even brain surgery to help her live. After that surgery she didn't know who me any more. I still stayed by my mother and would visit her in a nursing home while all the other family abandoned her. It was enough that she was my mother and I knew who she was. Love goes along ways with family

wumzels2 said...

what a great analogy, using the rain.....paints a truer picture of alzheimers for those of us who haven't directly experienced it through a loved one.  and i love your pictures.  the plants in your front yard are so gorgeous.  i know peggy would love them.  blessings, regina