Saturday, December 20, 2003


Sometimes, I get so bogged down in my grief and sadness over watching Peggy disappear that I FORGET TO REMEMBER that I have Two other sister's who love and care for me as much as I love and care for them.

Last week, I recieved two Christmas gifts. One from Betty and one from Barbara.

Betty sent me minatures of the 12 day's of Christmas and an ornament with April ( my birth month) printed on the back.

Barbara sent a Sister's Calendar with daily sayings for the year ahead and a cute Santa that I have already pinned to my coat.

Loving, Thoughtful gifts from Sister's who love me.

They are also hurting as we witness the deterioration of our baby sister

Thank you, Betty and Barbara for all of your love and care as we hurt together!!

We are losing Peggy but we still have one another to lean on as we navigate through these rough, unfamiliar waters. We hold one another up on certain day's so that the 3 of us won't drown in our sorrow.

We stand by and give all we can to Peggy as she slowly dissapears from our lives but  we know that we will never let her disappear from our Hearts!

Yes, I am losing one sister who means the world to me BUT............ I have Two other sister's who will never let me get too low and who continue to hold me up in mind and in  prayer.

We are in this TOGETHER...


I Love you Today, Betty Jean!

I Love You Today, Barbara!

I Love You Today, Peggy!

Mary Louise



lab2401 said...

ML, thank you so much for your comment in my journal which led me to yours. I thank you for writing from your heart and allowing me to get to know you, Peggy, Barbara and Betty Jean. I recently lost my cousin to Lou Gehrigs Disease this past Nov, and I recall thinking of her as being entombed in that body, now I think of Peggys body being entombed in her mind. I am holding her and all of you in my prayers. Blessings, Lynda

caragrike said...

I love you very much, Louise. When our time comes to depart this world and are in heaven with God, she will say "Welcome Home Mary Louise, Betty Jean and Barbara. She will remember us! caragrike

hrmore1956 said...

Mary Louise: Thank you for visiting my wacky site and leaving the name of your journal. Your latest entry was both beautiful and sobering. You pay quite a tribute to your sisters, but also very clearly reveal the pain I know so well. You see, my father suffered from Alzheimer's for years upon years. He died last January after being in a nursing home for almost nine years.

I'll be back to see you. Please let me know if I can help you with any questions or concerns you might have.