Thursday, December 18, 2003


Christmas Day is one week away!

I love Christmas Time and I have always believed in Santa!

I asked Peggy this morning if Santa was coming to see her and she said, I think so.

I said, Peggy, I KNOW so!!!!!!!      We laughed!

I'm glad she can still laugh.

Alzheimer's has not taken away her ability for laugher!

I asked her why she believed in Santa and she said, because.....

HE IS!!!!!!!!!!!

I thought that was wonderful!

I also believe in the magic of Santa..because..HE IS!!!!

I sat on Santa's lap last week at Disney World. 

 He asked me what I wanted this year.

I told him that I just wanted my picture taken with him and that I already have everything a person could want!

He smiled.. and said that he didn't hear that often enough. 

Then, He noticed the button that I had pinned to my coat that said...



He squinted his eye and looked me square in the face and said..Oh Yes, Now, I remember you, Young Lady!!!!!!!

We laughed.....

Yes, I believe in Santa because...

HE IS.......How Do I Know????? BECAUSE......

PEGGY.. Told Me So this very Morning!

I love you today, Peggy!

Merry Christmas to My Forever Friend!

Mary Louise




teebje said...

What a cute story.....I believe in Santa too!!

miarenee24 said...

Mary Louise, you and I have two things in common. I too am from Birmingham, AL (I still live in B'ham) and... I watched my grandmother ... disappear from Alzheimer's as well. Obviously, your sister is still a young woman. My prayers are with you, and your sister. I would like to add your link to my journal, if it's okay. I've been trying to find very good journals to recommend. This is a MUST read for awareness sake.

caragrike said...

Merry Christmas to my sisters, Peggy, Mary Louise & Betty Jean. Keep writing your journal. It helps me deal with this awful disease. I remember the good times with Peggy at Christmas (remember Thorn). I also remember the good times we had at home at Christmas time with sisters all dressed in the same nightgowns, brother, husbands, kids, lots of noise and laughter and wrapping paper everywhere. caragrike