Monday, December 22, 2003


This morning, I was attemping to give Peggy the excitement and anticipation of Santa and Christmas Time Joy.  Here is our conversation this morning.

Hi Peggy, it's Mary Louise.    Peggy..Hello

ME-Guess what, Peggy! It's only 3 day's until Santa comes!

Peggy- It Is?          Me-What did you ask Santa to bring you this year?

Peggy-I don't know what.

Me- We will fix that right now. You are Now in Big Sister's SANTA CLASS 101.

You sit on Santa's lap and ask him for Christmas Gifts.       

 Peggy..I don't know what to ask.             

Me-There are only 2 gifts to ask Santa to bring you.

Peggy...Laughing, O K!



Me- #2  Anything from VICTORIA SECRET !

Peggy-Anything from Victoria Secret.

Now, Peggy, you are ready for your talk with Santa! 

 It occured to me as I hung up the phone that Peggy is perfectly satisfied with her life as it is now. She does not need to ask Santa to bring her gifts because she has all that she wants or desires in her world. Loving people around her, a place to be safe and someone to take care of all her needs.

 Material things have no place in her world of  The Totally Present.

What a wonderful world to live in at Christmas Time! 

 Thank you, Peggy for reminding me of the most important gifts of this season.  Thank you as You continue to teach me Because of your disease!

I love you Today, Peggy!

Merry Christmas, Sister!

Mary Louise




tink9722 said...

My best wishes to you Mary Louise. As you read on my journal, my grandma, Barbara, lost her battle with Alzheimers two weeks ago.

Be strong!


bunnytig said...

As the year comes to an end, you look at the sadness it has brought you. The passing of younger brother-in-law and passing of oldest sister. You want to stop the sorrow and grief, but you cannot, it's part of the grieving process. How will you be able to go through this sorrow again and again. Life is only borrowed time, when it's over, it's time for new actors, for the same play, but for the "show to go on". I miss you brother, I miss you sister. Are you visiting each other in heaven?