Monday, December 1, 2003

Peggy and Christmas

Christmas was always Peggy's favorite time of the year. It is mine too!

This morning Peggy was quite and just repeated what I said except for one thing.

I asked; Are you getting ready for Christmas?

Her reply was..I don't know..

My heart crunched because we always had such fun at Christmas.

I remember the Christmas that  Peggy sent me the same coffee cup that I sent to her. The words on the cup were...My Sister..My Forever Friend. We laughed about it.

 I still drink my morning coffee from that cup.I asked Peggy once if she still drank coffee from her  Sister's cup and she said; What Cup.....She didn't remember it..... 

I remember the time all 4 of us met in Atlanta to celebrate our Uncles 80th birthday.

Peggy and I had not discussed what we were wearing to the party and showed up in the SAME outfit. We laughed until we cried!

We started a Christmas tradition years ago that included  just "The Sister's".

We would buy 3 gifts every month, wrap them and send the boxes to one another for Christmas. It was great to recieve three boxes every Christmas with 36 surprise gifts. The gifts were not expensive and often funny or sentimental.

 Someone would always get the Famous Needlework Chicken as a gift. 

That Chicken was So ugly..... Sometimes, someone would sew a stitch or two and put it away to send to A Special Sister the next year.  It was always a surprise to open a gift and find it. 

Getting "THE CHICKEN" for Christmas would make the receiver double over in laughter. It is funny how we always forgot about that chicken during the year.... until it came calling at Christmas. 

Peggy, I am so sad that you have forgotten Christmas along with all the other memories that we share.

Alzheimer's Disease is a thief that is stealing a little more of you every day.

I will stay cose to you so you will never be completely...  Lost.

 I will always remember you!

We are "Circling the wagons"  this Christmas around the Sister that we all love so much!

I Love You, Today.... Peggy!


Mary Louise


caragrike said...

Thank you for the memories. Your writing puts my thoughts in words. Where is the chicken? I do wish I could go home one more time just to feel the warmth of Christmas in mother's house. My favorite song during the holidays after I left Ala. was "I'll be home for Christmas".


babygsmommy said...

Mary Louise, I just wanted to say hello again. I am still following your journal and I feel for you. Take care and keep on! Heather (Building A Dream)

teebje said...

You have such wonderful memories!!!!