Tuesday, December 23, 2003


What kind of gift do you give someone who doesn't remember who you are or what you meant to one another?

I struggled, thinking of a gift to give to Peggy this Christmas.

She doesn't want or need material things.

So, I decided to give her gifts that are Tied with Heart Strings!

I will give her the gift of my laughter.

I will give her the gift of my time.

I will give her the gift of my rememberances.

I will give her the gift of my care.

I will give her the gift of my love.

I will give her the gift of pictures.... from our past as Sister's.

I will give her the gift of my voice every day.

I will give her gifts that cost no money and are not material in any way because Christmas is a time for gifts from the heart.

The best Christmas gifts are always tied with Heart Strings!

I remember when my children were small and they gave me gifts tied with heartstrings! They had pride and joy on their faces as they presented their gifts to me.

A hand drawn picture. A figure molded from clay. A hand sewn apron. A toy Raccoon glued to a wooden spoon. I especially loved the wad of masking tape that was covered in sparkles!

My heart sang when I received those gifts from my children's hands on Christmas' long ago.

So now, I must think of gifts to give my Sister who is a small child again in many ways and needs........


I love you Today, Peggy!

Mary Louise


s0ngbird1962 said...

This is a beautiful tribute to your sister. I have worked with Alzheimer' patients as a nurse for the past 11 years, I also lost my grandfather to this horrible disease. I have found that almost all Alzheimer patients love and remember music. May not remember what they had for supper, but start singing and they sing along. "Silent Night, Holy Night...." I'll be back often, your journal tugs at my heart strings.

carolhehe said...

I feel your pain. May I ask you a personal question? How old is Peggy Jane? I disturbs me to see someone that appears so young with the Capital A disease. You my friend have a cross to bear and your family. Be strong and of good courage. I am so glad I stopped to peak in. Merry Christmas.

lavernwest said...

Dear Mary Louise:

Enjoy your journal so much--particularly your love for your sister. Having lost my husband a year ago, I know your gifts of love, care, laughter, and particularly TIME are the ones that really matter. Peggy is so fortunate to have such a loving sister. Keep the journal coming. Though it makes me cry at times, it brings back the memories of my Nels.

LaVern CT7West