Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Good Times

You were laughing this morning when you took the phone to talk.

I asked you why you were laughing and you said that Everyone was there and it was a pretty day and you were all having......"GOOD TIMES"!

You went through all the names of the people who were visiting ( in your mind).

Quite a crowd at your house, I said, laughing!

You laughed and said, Yes and we are having Fun and it is a Pretty Day!

I'm always happy when I hear you laugh because I know you are O K... for today.

I remember the "GOOD TIME" we were having when this picture was taken at a party.

We had not seen one another in a year. Only talked on the phone several times a week but never discussed what we were wearing to the party.

We showed up at a birthday party wearing almost the same outfit!!!!!

It was a hoot!

We laughed a lot that night. 

 I remember all of our  "Good Times" and keep them in my heart.

I am thankful that we have laughed and had such fun together during our lives.

Now,  when I get down and miss you too much..... I just close my eyes and bring back the Happy, Good Times that we experienced as Sister's!.

Thank you, Peggy for all the times you made me laugh!

It makes the crying I do now a little less painful and almost tolerable. I say that because we had So many "GOOD TIMES" together. I can remember those days when my heart gets heavy and it feels like it might explode from pain..

You see Peggy, you Continue to take Care of Me and...........................

 You Don't Even Know It!!!!!!!

Thank you for laughing today and making me laugh!

I love you today, Peggy

Mary Louise



laugh4everu said...

My heart just breaks for you, honey. I can't even imagine.....

teebje said...

That's a great photo. You really have some wonderful pictures of you and your sisters!!

impcjunky said...

A fun day of laughing will only bring, fonder memories in the years to come.. You go Girls.. ImPcJunky

karensull12 said...

Just finished reading your journal. It is a wonderful tribute to your sister. I can't imagine how difficult it must be for you to watch your sister slowly slip away. I have lived far away from my sister and my parents for 12 years, but it is my sister that I miss the most. Your sister sounds like a remarkable woman. And you sound like the best sister a sister could ever have.

tp1012 said...

I found the link to your journal off of another fellow heart broke,as my eyes welled with tears as I read say my name. I worked in nursing for a very long time, I remember the devastation this disease put families through. Keep strong!

bjegran said...

Hi Mary Louise....I hope everything is haven't posted in a few days. Thinking of you....Jane