Wednesday, December 17, 2003

PEGGY, I Caught Tinker Bell for You!

I left last Thursday Morning going to Disney World.  I spent 5 day's with my Daughter, Melissa and my grandchildren,  Michael and Lauren.

 I did not call Peggy while I was at Disney World.  That was a huge decision for me!

 When we were young, our favorite Disney character was Tinker Bell.

We would make up elaborate schemes to catch Tink so that we could make our wish.

The first night that I was there, I stood in front of Cinderella's Castle and watched as Tinker Bell flew from the castle while beautiful fire works exploded over my head.  I also remembered our little girl wish!

I called Peggy this morning and said,  Guess what I did?   She said: What? 

I went to Disney World and I FINALLY caught Tinker Bell and I held her in my hand, Peggy and I made the wish we wished when we were little! 

 I knew that I was Rambling on.. I felt foolish as I thought..Please remember, please remember.

 I said, Remember when we were little girls and talked about catching Tinker Bell and making a wish? 

 No response..She seemed confused and I knew that she didn't remember Tinker Bell or Me!                                 

TIME and MEMORIES have lost their meaning to Peggy and that creates a lonely, empty space in my heart. 

 SO...I WILL JUST THINK that Peggy Missed Me..And..

 I WILL JUST THINK.....  That She Remembers TINKER BELL!

That's what I Need to do, Peggy and That is what I WILL DO this Morning.

I Will Remember Tinker Bell for you and I'm Thankful that I  FINALLY held Tink in my hand and made our long ago wish!  You may not remember our wish but I remember.

Our Little Girl wish was that Mother and Daddy would never die and we would be Together...Forever and Forever!

Somewhere in your mind..  I Know that I am still There and I will be..


I love you today, Peggy!

Mary Louise

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