Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Do You Remember Love?

Your Christmas pictures upset me, Peggy. I knew you were getting worse but It is easy to pretend when you are so far away.  I'm glad you are surrounded by family even as you Forget Love.

This monstrosity started gaining momentum when it knew it was winning!  I remember how scared you were when you couldn't remember things and then you became terrified!   

I wanted to reach in your mind and grab that slimy monster by it's throat and pull it off of your brain before it could destroy you!!!!!  But when I saw the pictures I knew that "The Damn monster" has already won!  

It has now sucessfully sucked the thoughts and rememberances from your mind.

I am angry this morning at what Alzheimer's has done to you.   

 I am angry that I can do nothing to stop this from happening to you.!   

 I am Angry because I can see in the pictures that...You Can't Remember Love!

Peggy, my Anger has turned into Fear but I  Promise You that I Will Make Sure that My Fear turns back into Courage as I continue to Watch You..Disappear!

I love you today, Peggy.              Mary Louise


stainglasss3 said...

this is what this page is about 2 me your true fellings

s0ngbird1962 said...

(((Mary Louise))) My thoughts are with you as you helplessly watch your sister fight this unbeatable foe.... I suspect that your words in this journal will help many others as they make this same sad journey. ~~God speed

carolhehe said...

Mary Louise,
May I ask you why this picture upset you? Is that Peggy's husband or brother? It gives you such a helpless feeling doesn't it to see you sis slip away before your eyes when there isn't anything anyone can do but pray. I watched my slip away a long slow death with strokes. My heart goes out to you and Peggy.

mrscheesestix said...

I hope that the new year brings you many good things.

braswellsoul said...

Aunt Louise, My mom isn't forgetting love and there was also another picture that was sent, of her and my dad where she was smiling as big as she could smile.Why didn't you choose that one? I was in these pictures and I remember what went on at that very moment and these are of my mom caught off guard and us trying to get my dad, my mom, my sister, myself, coryn, and my dog pearl looking in the same direction at the same time. She hasn't forgotten how to love us, we had fun that day. Brooke