Monday, March 1, 2004


Yesterday, I found a little book that Peggy had sent to me one Christmas. I sat down and read it and it made me smile.

Our Sisters gifts did not need to be big or expensive. They were just gifts that said, I love you and remember you. We never waited for special days to send one another a gift. If we found something that made us think of a special sister...we bought it and sent it to each other.

The little book that Peggy gave to me cost $6.99 and has 28 pages. It is my treasure today. The name of the book is,"The Wonder of Sisters". The last page holds these words... "friends come and go but sisters are forever".

The book is special to me for several reasons. One is that it was my last Christmas gift from Peggy and the other is that she wrote these words on the first page. They are the last written words that I have from her. She simply said,

To M.L.   I Love You    Christmas 2000      Peggy.

She cannot talk to me today or write words to me but that's O K because I have "The Little Book".

I have the book that she took the time to find and send to me one Christmas. I have a treasure to keep and it will always make me feel closer to Peggy when I read it.

Take the time to let someone that you love know that you are thinking of them.       It just might be the "Last Gift".

My sister is my heart. She opens doors to rooms that I never knew were there. She breaks down walls that I don't recall building. She lights my darkest corners with the sparkle in her eyes.......Lisa Lorden

I miss the sister connection that I had with Peggy and I miss the sparkle in her eyes but...I have a little book that helps me remember. I have her last Christmas gift to me, "The Wonders of Sisters"

Thank you, Peggy for the Last gift... given in a Sister's Love.

I Love You Today, Peggy!

Mary Louise


beppeinpcola said...

ML, this is strange....I too found, last week, "The Wonder Of Sisters" book that Peggy sent me, you and Barbara!! I also read it and had the same thoughts about it being the last gift. How I do treasure it. Talked to Peggy Saturday...she was happy, but little conversation. Still plan on going to see her the middle of this month. Love you tonight. Your big sister, Betty Jean

barbpinion said...

You are a wonderful sister, and I know it must be unbearably hard for you. I think of your relationship with Peggy so much, especially when I see sisters take each other for granted or withdrawing over stupid things. One day they will regret taking each other for granted. SO happy you have the book your sis gave you. I know it comforts you. May you feel the tightness of the Lord's embrace today.
HUGS, Barb

jamcs605 said...

The book sounds nice. I have seven sisters and I sometimes wonder which of us will be first, it must be nearly unbearable.