Tuesday, March 9, 2004


I opened my paper this morning to see these headlines. Alzheimer's test made more affordable! New PET scan can  diagnose ALZ! A hospital in our city is using the newest scanner for Alzheimer's detection. Early detection is important because the new drugs work best when they are started early in the course of dementia. Before this scan was available many people were mis-diagnosed. If you suspect that you or some one you love may have Alzheimer's Disease...Make sure you INSIST on this Alzheimer's Memories Check PET Scan because it can confirm or rule out Alzheimer's Disease. This is an exciting break through. Too late for Peggy but just in time for many others.

The newspaper article states....Losing your car keys is no cause for concern. Losing your way home is!  The benign things aren't a problem--going to the kitchen and forgetting why, forgetting where you put your car keys, forgetting somebody's name occasionally. But if you are getting lost in an area you should be familiar with, forgetting your children's names or being told the same thing several times, those are more complex interactions.

It took Doctor's a long time to diagnose Peggy, almost a year!  With this Memories check Pet Scan..she could have been diagnosed earlier and started the drugs earlier and maybe she....... would have had more time with us.

If you would like to read the article go to...http://www.daytondailynews.com           It is in the March 9, 2004 edition, Life section

I Love You Today, Peggy

Mary Louise



onmiownnow2 said...

Finally! Something more concrete! Thank you for sharing it! (((Mary Louise))) Lisa

caragrike said...

ML, Thank you for passing on this information. I will tell people about it. This is great news. I love you and keep writing. caragrike

beppeinpcola said...

It is hard to believe Peggy's brain looks like this.....she was so intelligent, happy, active, outgoing....now she waits to see just who will be around to be with her (without really know who it is). I am sorry she did not gethelp i time but am happy for the discovery so that others may e helped (it may be me or you or Barbara or Johnny!!!! Love you today. Betty Jean