Friday, March 26, 2004


When I talk with Peggy now, I have to listen with my heart and not to her words. The words are sometimes confused and so I listen to the expression in her voice instead.

I can tell by the sound of her voice how she is really doing on a given day. Her words do not matter any longer. They can't matter because she can no longer say what she means.

She never gives up trying to communicate. So, I listen with my heart and am thankful that I can still hear her voice. The same Peggy voice that is so familiar to me and makes me feel like I have gone home one more time.

It is easy to hide in words and keep other's from knowing how we really feel.

Peggy doesn't hide in her words. They are words, only words that may or may not make sense to me as I listen to her talk.

I have to listen to her trying to communicate with jumbled words and sentences to know that she loves me and....

I Listen to her with My Heart and not My Head!


My sister is my past. She writes my history.

In her eyes, I can recognize myself. Memories only we can share.

She remembers and forgets to remember, she forgives.

She accepts me as I am and I accept her....

With Tender Understanding.          Lisa Lorden

I Love You Today, Peggy!

Mary Louise


barbpinion said...

I can only imagine how sad this makes you. Each time I read an entry I think of my four sisters and how sad that we're so far apart. You and your sister were blessed to be so close. She may not be the same in some ways, but where it counts...SHE IS. HUGS to you, dear one,

rha4497496 said...

ML: I hope that you are recording some of your conversations with Peggy. Hearing her voice from time to time will keep her close. A camcorder would also be good. A friend did that with her dad and on family get togethers they slide it into the VCR and it's almost like he is there again! Robyn

wildflower121764 said...

Just stopping by to read about how you count your blessings, something all of us should do everyday. I like what you said, "I listen to her with my heart and not my head." :)

blufaery84 said...

You and peggy are always in my prayers :-)