Friday, March 19, 2004


This is the time of year for flying kites. The March breezes are just right to watch as my kite takes to the air and floats as high or as low as I wish. I am in control of my kite because I have the twine in my hands. I can let the kite out or bring it down when I want. I can make it fly left or right. I have my kite flying as long as there is a breeze for it to float upon.

Peggy is my kite on this March Friday. She is floating high above, going this way and that. I have the twine to her kite in my hands by my phone calls but there is No control. I can't pull her back to me. She is floating away a little more every day.

Some times, her kite pulls so hard that I am fearful that I will have to let go and when I do...She will float away forever. Her kite will break free of my twine and she will be gone.

Alzheimer's has total control of her kite. It lets her out and pulls her back. It controls which way she will go and how high. It will decide when her flying in the clouds is over and it will cut the twine and she will float away.

I can only stand in the field with the broken twine in my hands and watch as the kite that is Peggy....Disappears.

I Love You Today, Peggy!

Mary Louise


wildflower121764 said...

Wow this is an interesting analogy and fits right into the season. When you're in tune with what is important to you, it is easy to come up with unique perspectives. Take care.

fuzzypanda68 said...

Your Journal has made me so sad. But, I'm glad i found it and i'm glad you are writing about her Illness and the suffering you both are enduring. I'm sorry for you and your sister. May God Bless you both. I'll be back. ((((hugz))))

merelyp said...

that's it. These essays just have to be published. You just never stop seeing the poetry in your situation, and it is sure to get you through these ungentle breezes.