Friday, March 5, 2004


 Peggy's  voice was little and soft this morning but she said that she is O. K. She didn't sound O.K. to me and so I pushed a little. She kept saying she was O. K so I let it drop. She started on the new Alzheimer's medication yesterday so that might have changed her mood. I pray that it works and gives her a little more time.

I have been rummaging in the attic of my heart this morning. So many images of Peggy are stored there. I needed to go through the attic and find the happy images that I placed in my heart boxes and tied with ribbons.

I needed to bring back my smile....I lost it yesterday when I found out Peggy has already reached the number 10.. I could tell by talking to her that she was worse but it is easy for me to play mind games. The number 10 blew my games right off the board.

I wanted everyone to see the funny side of Peggy. The Peggy before she was struck by Alzheimer's Disease 3 years ago. She was a funny, beautiful, delightful, intelligent person and I miss her more than I can write. After you see the pictures...You will see why I am holding tightly to her hands!

I Love You Today, Peggy!

Mary Louise


carolhehe said...

I like the spirit of your sister always so happy and wanting to have fun. I love these pictures of her. What a wonderful sister. She always looked impecably dressed too! She took good care of herself when she could. Thanks.

pattboy92 said...

Mary Louise,
I thought of you and Peggy this afternoon when I read a news item about another successful trial in an Alzheimer's vaccine. Unfortunately, it appears to be too early for humans so far, but it looks like medical science is at least making progress.

In case you haven't seen it yet, here's the link:

Thinking of you all,

diffyaugie said...

Know that you are leaving a wonderful legacy for your sister of compassion and courage in the face of fear, uncertainty and helplessness. You have painted a unique picture of eternal love with your prose. Savor each moment of lucidity and treasure every moment that she is still with you.

beckieramos said...

I am sure she was a lovely person. I am glad you have such wonderful memories of her. Hold onto those good mmomries always. And keep up youe encouragement for her. God will help you hun. Keep Him in your heart.
Thanks for your comments in my journal also! God bless! Beckie

tonyamorris924 said...

I found your journal tonight. I have been crying while reading your entries. My heart goes out to you, Peggy and everyone else who loves the both of you. I think it is a wonderful tribute to Peggy (and everyone who has Alzheimers or loves someone that does) for you to open your heart and write about both of your experiences. Just reading the entries that I have tonight, you have educated me and also have written so well that I have felt a morsel of your pain. Thank you for sharing. Tonya

metaphoricallyso said...

This is so very touching. I am sorry that you have had to watch this and lose such a wonderful part of your life. Those happy images and memories of her will help you in this difficult hour of challenge. She was a lovely woman, to be certain. I pray that even in her illness, she has happy times and little to no suffering.