Monday, October 4, 2004


I think that having Alzheimer's disease would be like packing a trunk for storage.

It is a trunk that will be stored in an attic for many years. It is a trunk that will gather dust and can never be opened. It will sit with all of the contents of Peggy's life safely stored away.

Peggy has been packing her Alzheimer's trunk for 6 or 7 years.       It is almost to the top and will not hold many more thoughts from her life.    

She has already packed most of her memories in the trunk.           She has packed the ability to do the every day tasks that we take for granted.

She has forgotten tasks like standing and sitting, personal care, conversation of any kind and sharing her thoughts on a subject.

Alzheimer's disease is standing beside Peggy's trunk. It is smiling as one more memory, one more learned task is folded and put away.

When the trunk is finally full, Alzheimer's will point its crooked finger at Peggy and direct her to also step into the trunk. It will then close the lid, lock and drag her trunk to a lonely attic.

Alzheimer's disease thinks that the Peggy that I knew will be locked away forever in her life trunk.

What Alzheimer's disease doesn't know is that I have a key to Peggy's trunk.

It is the key that can open the trunk and all of the memories of my sister.

It is the key to the trunk where all of my memories of Peggy are stored.

Alzheimer's disease will take Peggy away just as surely as it has taken all of her memories way but......

I HAVE A KEY.....  

I have a key that Alzheimer's disease can never take away.

I will find my way to the attic where Peggy's trunk is stored on days in my future.

I will take my key and open Peggy's trunk and take our shared memories out, one by one.

I will remember her laughter, her tears, her sense of humor. I will remember her joy's, her Love you--Mean it!

I will remember our childhood, our teens, our wedding days and the births of our children.

I will sit in the attic beside Peggy's trunk and see rays of light as they stream through the tiny windows. I will watch as the dust in the attic dances in the air.

I will sit with Peggy's trunk open and with all of our memories spread around me on the floor. I will hold each memory close to my heart

I will sit by Peggys trunk and remember....

I will sit, smile and remember...I will remember....

My Sister, Peggy.

I Love You Today, Peggy!

Mary Louise



byucat said...

Ma'am, I have been reading your journal for quite some time now..Not sure how i found it ....but must say it has been very interesting to are quite the writer, your pain shows thru in your words, in a most touching way. Thanks for sharing yours and Peggys story.... also being a coastal gal ( MS) I was relieved to know your beach cottage was spared.....there is nothing more mind clearing than the smell of the salt air and spray of the waves, glad you will still be able to go there to find the calm.....

lindainspokane said...

as i sit here and read your entry today i begin to wonder how things were in the beginning...what did peggy say to you all about getting this awful disease? u said shes had it for 6 -7 years long after she was diagnosed til she ttoally forgot who everyone is..including her kids and husband? sorry again for all the questions...but i feel i know u all so well...and this really interests me...hope u have a nice thinking of u mary louise..


peppypioneer said...

Just letting you know that I stopped by to read your wonderful tribute to your much-loved sister.  Paulette