Tuesday, June 15, 2004



My Computer is down!!!!!!!!! Hope to get it fixed soon.

I continue to call Peggy every day even though I am not writing in my journal.

I am writing my thoughts the old fashioned way and will record them in my journal as soon as I can.  Tonight, I am at the Library computer.

Peggy has been distant and as hard as I try...It still hurts so much for her to not know who I am.

I have truely missed all of your support.  The past few days have been difficult.  Your comments help me with this struggle more than you will ever know....  THANK YOU!

I will continue to come to the library to give up dates and information.

Take care and I hope to be back on line soon.

I Love You Today, Peggy!

Mary Louise





msfairhead said...

I was introduced to your journal by my instructor at our local community college.  I have been enormously impressed by your ability to put into words feelings that some of us are unable to express very well.  I am in a similar, but also different, situation.  My mother is in a similar situation, however, she is almost 90 and has lived a long, productive, active life.  There has been no determination of Alziheimers as yet and may never be.  Hang in there.  We are all pulling for you and for Peggy.  God Bless. Msfairhead

dornbrau said...

Sorry to hear about your computer, but the important thing is that you can still call Peggy.  I hope you never lose faith.  Those calls to her, although she may not respond or remember... are a lifeline and are so important.  I've been telling you since I started reading your journal, but you've known this all along... the heart is the light through the darkness.  

taffilah said...

thinking of you today.  My children lost their fav Uncle today. Not from your sisters disease, but from cancer.
I pray you find comfort in your friends and family- and again I say to you - this is a lovely thing you are doing for your sister