Tuesday, June 8, 2004


Peggy was confused today when I said good-bye.  I asked her who she was talking with and she said.. Barbara.

The Alzheimer's Magician was at work in her mind this morning confusing her with its bag of magic tricks.

I have never liked magic or Magicians, especially when I was a child. It was frightening to me to watch a person create the illusion of making things and people appear or disappear. There was something dark and powerful in the very act itself that always disturbed me.

Maybe, this is the apprehension that I feel as I watch this evil magician, A.D. play with Peggy's mind.

The Alzheimer's Magician stands at the side of her mind every morning and waits until Peggy wakes up to take the stage.

The Wizard saunters to the center of her brain and begins it's magic show for the day.

He takes his baton and waves it to create a cloud of smoke that fills Peggy's mind and forbids her to remember or think.

This sorcerer has a bag full of tricks in his black top hat to use on her mind every day.

With a slight of hand he manages to jumble her thoughts and her remembrances. He can tangle the messages of her brain so expertly that she sees and hears people who are not there. Then, he waves his black cape over Peggy's mind and instantly clouds any thoughts that enter her brain . He raises his gloved hands above her body and she is totally alone and under his spell.

This Magician called Alzheimer's Disease will continue to work his black magic on Peggy's brain every day....Until his show is over.  

Then, he will give an evil smile and pull his black and red cape over his face. He taps his crooked, icy fingers on his black silk hat and in a puff of smoke, vanishes into thin air. His magic act with Peggy has been successful...

He will then begin to stalk the world looking for another person to be his assistant.... To be his next partner in the black stage show called...


I Love You Today, Peggy!

Mary Louise

I always knew that I would look back

and laugh at the times I cried,

but I never thought I would cry

at the times we laughed...

(little sayings from..deanie)



carolhehe said...

You describe AD perfectly with the alegory of a magicians hat and cape with his bag of tricks. The most wonderful people are taken in by that evil man of tricks.
Thinking of you!

s0ngbird1962 said...

It's been 7 weeks since I've been online...serious computer problems had me out on a forced hiatus.  Your writing is still powerful, your love & devotion to your sister endless and heartwarming....

I no longer like magicians either....  (adding them to my "don't like" list right after "clowns")....