Wednesday, June 23, 2004


Watching Peggy disappear from Alzheimer's disease is like sitting in the middle of a huge dung pile. 

The stench is over powering and the dung clings to my body.         I know that I should get up and wash the dung off but when I try to stand up...the dung pulls me down again like quicksand.

So, on a day like today...I Just Sit in It!

I sit in it because Peggy has forgotten me!  And because....

I Can't Remember..... to Forget!

I miss you, Peggy.... MORE THAN YOU CAN REMEMBER.

I Love You Today, Peggy!

Mary Louise



barbpinion said...

Peggy has forgotten you, hon, but the love you gave one another will see you through the hard parts, the parts that can't ever be regained. Peggy is blessed to have such a loving sister. Oh that sisters everywhere could be so blessed. HUGS>

merelyp said...

Is this your book cover?  It has to be.  I just adore this photo.  So does my class, though they are being shy to tell you, I think.

tamentrainer said...

Louise, I am in MerelyP's class and I love the photo, too.  Alzheimer's is certainly a pile of dung.  Some days it's good for those of us who still remember the good times to sit in the pile and wish the bad would go away.  Sending you postive thoughts to help you focus on the remembered good times. Tamentrainer