Thursday, June 3, 2004


Peggy's voice was so flat today. I asked her if she felt all right and she said yes.

She was distant and seemed tired. I went through the usual questions and she answered each one with no emotion.

I said; Peggy, do you know who this is? Yes, she replied.

I said; Who is this?

Her reply was....You.

I just can't fool you, can I, I said.


Bye Peggy. I Love You Today.


The tears fell as I hung up the phone.  I had completed another call and another day of Watching My Sister...Disappear.

 Talking with Peggy today was like seeing a curtain come down in a theater after a play has finished.

It was as if the curtain had been drawn, the play was over and everyone had gone home... leaving the theater empty, dark and quiet.

No more more opening more applause.

Just the quiet of an empty theater.

 I see Peggy sitting center stage in her familiar position. Legs hugged to her chest, arms wrapped around her knees. The theater is dark... She sits behind a beautiful red velvet curtain, all alone in her play... called Life.

  The play will not begin again, the curtain will not rise, the lights  will not shine on her until the play begins its run in heaven.


Peggy will be a Leading Lady once again!


I Love You Today, Peggy!

Mary Louise


ckays1967 said...

I my goodness...the is a beautiful, bittersweet entry.  So well written and so heart wrenching.  {{{{{hugs}}}}

taffilah said...

Many prayers, and heartfelt wishes for you today. I pray you find and inner peace. Im so impressed with how selfless you are reflecting on this everyday. What a remarkable sister you are!

bhsjesusfreak07 said...

very well written entry- and even though its sad to say the metaphors and similes you use are absolutley amazing.