Thursday, February 5, 2004

The Windows To The Soul

When I look in a mirror..I see me. I see the me that I have seen since I was old enough to look in a mirror. A little older every year but still me.

I wonder what Peggy sees when she views her reflection in a mirror? Has Alzherimer's altered who she sees looking back at her? Does she see someone that she doesn't recognize? Does she identify with her image or does she see a total stranger?

One of the major changes that I have noticed in Peggy.. is her eyes!

Peggy had big, beautiful, expressive green eyes. They could dance with mischief or give a cold hard stare but most of the time, her eyes would twinkle with laughter.

As her Alzheimer's progresses, I notice that her eyes look more like black holes than eyes. They are devoid of expression and I don't see reflections of memory or emotion any  longer.                           

If the Eyes are the Windows to the Soul, Peggy's eyes have had black shades drawn over them. 

Alzherimer's has closed and locked theWindows to Peggy's Soul. It is going about it's business of extinguishing the lights that made her eyes shine, one light at a time. It  is sucessfully causing Peggy to disappear before our eyes!

Alzheimer's is a cruel disease that strips a person of who they were. It shuts down the mind and closes the Windows of the Soul and I think...Laughs at the power it has to take a Lighted Life and turn off the power that made it shine.

The one thing that Alzheimer's cannot do.... is erase the memories of Peggy from Our minds.

 It has No power to turn off the Lights to the Peggy that we all remember.

 Alzheimer's Disease may be powerful but NOT powerful enough to close the Windows to Our Souls. That is where our memories of Peggy are Very Safe and Very Bright and will always Shine and Light Our Hearts!!

I love you today, Peggy

Mary Louise


carolhehe said...

No wonder they used to ban mirrors in some kingdoms of the world. Some thought mirrors could take your soul. Our eyes are mirrors of who we are though. Interesting thought about Peggy. What does she see? I bet it is a world of existance. Yes she see herself she knows but that is all,maybe. Like a child does. They regress.
Carol Jeanne

caragrike said...

ML, You have described Alzheimers. It is a blank stare. Thank you for the words that I cannot write but you can. I love you! caragrike