Friday, February 6, 2004

The Child in Me..Missing Peggy today!

Peggy was quiet this morning. Her voice was strong and she sounded happy but didn't want to talk. I babbled on for a while and then said goodbye.

I held the phone in my hand and just sat there for a while. I traveled back in my mind to the Summer day's when we were young girls.

 I went back to our summer day's of roller skating and jumping rope.  Of double dares and snail hop scotch.

The day's of going bare foot and stumping our big toe's. 

The day's of playing dolls on the side porch.

The day's of playing in the water from the garden hose and the day's of being allowed to play in the rain.

The day's filled with running and shouting and just being little girls. The day's of care free freedom. The day's when we misbehaved and had to find our own switch on the bush in the back yard.

 The day's of leaving the house in the morning and playing outside until dark, only coming home when we heard our Mother's call.  The day's of feeling safe in our neighboorhood and every one's Mother was looking out for you. The day's of spending the night with friends and having friends spend the night at our house.

The day's of hanging up the.... just washed clothes for Mother on the clothes line in the back yard and seeing our starched petticoats stretched out in a circle. The rows and rows of wet clothes that we would have to take down, bring inside and fold when they were dry.

The day's of singing in the kitchen when we cleaned up after supper. A meal called "The Cold plate" when the heat of summer was too much! The day's of Swimming at Woodward pool.

The day's of roller skates that attached to your shoes and needed a skate key, which was kept on a string around your wrist or neck.

The day's of cheese sandwiches and grape cool aid. The day's of moon pies and  musketeer bars that were divided in three's.

The day's of warm summer fun and Now...

A Day of Warm Summer memories to keep for the next time that Peggy doesn't want to talk to me.

Memories are my comfort on this cold winter's day in Ohio. The child in me is remembering and keeping warm with... Our Childhood Summer Day's that are gone but never forgotten!

I love you and miss you today, Peggy.

Mary Louise


ondinemonet said...

I had a similar situation this week in that I was remembering a chldhood friend lost at a young age. I was back to when we were kids enjoying all the things children do, and remembering he is still with me. Memories are such a comfort at times. Be well dear one :)

mlraminiak said...

Wonderful, warming memories. Better than a cup of hot tea! Lisa :-]