Monday, February 16, 2004


 Alzheimer's disease is marked by a devastating mental decline. Intellectual functions such as memory, comprehension, and speech deteriorate.

The Brain Of Alzheimer's.

I went to the post office and pulled into the car slot beside a couple that looked to be in their 70's. The women looked at me and I knew immediately that she has Alzheimer's Disease. She had a blank stare but watched me with interest. Her husband came back to the car and they left. I said a prayer for her and her husband.

I sat in my car thinking about the disease and what it does to a person.  I wondered what the lady was like before this happened to her. Was she a fun person like Peggy? I also wondered how long she has had the disease. Maybe, she had more time to live and remember her life than Peggy has had. I hoped so.

Driving home, I noticed the bare trees against a gray sky. I  remembered when they were full of green leaves shining, against a blue sky.  I  remembered when the leaves turned beautiful colors and fell to the ground.

 I thought about the seasons of Alzheimer's Disease. The seasons that devastate the mind and destroy memories that it took a life time to accumulate.

The Spring of Alzheimer's, when the disease starts to bloom.. The Summer, when memory starts to fail and forgetfulness becomes more often. The Fall, when memories start to drop off one by one. The Winter, when the mind is blank. 

Then, the person with Alzheimer's finally developes the "Eyes of Winter".            These eye's have the innocent stare of a new born baby searching a face and trying to focus.

 Alzheimer's reverses time. A person goes from a fully functioning adult to a helpless baby.  But this Baby Adult has no future...Only a date with the inevitable.

I Love You Today, Peggy.

Thank you for saying my name again this morning.

Mary Louise

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queenz43 said...

I thought this was a very nice entry. The expressiveness was lovely.