Wednesday, February 11, 2004


Peggy wasn't home this morning. The sitter said that she was taken to the dentist by Richard.

I haven't spoken about Peggy's husband but I admire him and the loving way that he is taking care of Peggy. He balances his work with coming home and being there for her at all times. They are still young and this should be the time in their lives when they are having fun together, being a couple and playing together. They always did so much together. Tennis, golf and other activities and they were always going somewhere to do something.

 Peggy also has support from a loving sister-in-law who makes sure she gets out and about. I send my love and thanks to Darlene.

Peggy's daughters are also there for her.  How difficult it must be for them as they  witness the deterioration of their Mother! I Love you, Melodie and Brooke.

Their family bond is strong and they are all committed to making this as easy as possible for Peggy. They are a unique family and  I am thankful that Peggy has such love surrounding her every day.

It is difficult for me to make the phone calls and that is such a Small Thing compared to what they deal with every day. They are witnessing the disappearance of Peggy  on a daily basis. 

 When I start to feel sorry for myself...I just think of the strong people that they have become. 

Today, I send my love and thanks to Peggy's family. I am proud that they call me  Sister-in-Law, Aunt and friend. All of us, husband, daughter's, family member's, Sister's and Brother are doing the best that we can. We are all dealing with this tragedy on our own terms and in our own time.

Like the song say's.


I Love You Today, Peggy!

Mary Louise


beppeinpcola said...

WE ARE FAMILY and what a family we are, all of us! Each of us different and unique, but the same as far as our love for one another. What more could we ask for....our Mother & Daddy watch over us daily and hopefully shine the stars in their crowns. I just talkd to Peggy and it was a stuggle for both ofus but at the end we said "I LOVE YOU". That will get me thru this vening and until next time. Love you ML and Barbara and Johnny. Betty Jean

carolhehe said...

It is wonderful to see a family pull together when there is a crisis going on to one individual. God Bless your family. *Smiles*

gfpinkie said...

I have thoroughly enjoyed your journal. This is the very first one I have read ever. You are faced with a challenge in life and you are certainly facing up to it. I watched my Daddy fight this disease also. It is devastating to see all those beautiful memories disappear from your loved one. It hurts down deep inside the lining of your soul. It hurts and makes you cry. It makes you want to think and think again to try to find a way to help them to hang on and bring back those memories.