Wednesday, February 25, 2004


Have you ever played the game of Hide and Seek? Peggy and I would play that game when we were children.

We would usually play it on a rainy day when we couldn't play outside. I would close my eye's and count to ten while she scrambled to find a hiding place. I could always find her because she would hide in the same place every time. I always knew she was under the bed in the back bedroom. I could find her even if I had not known her special hiding place because she could never stop giggling!  All I had to do was follow the giggles and... there she was!

She could never figure out how I could find her so fast! I would tell her to find another hiding place but she always went back under the bed in the back bedroom and  would lie there with one foot hanging out, giggling.

Now, Peggy is hiding and I cannot find her. The game is not so simple any more. I do not have her giggles to lead me to her hiding place.

 Alzheimer's has taught her how to play The Hide and Seek game very well! 

Alzheimer's has taught her how to hide and not giggle. It has taught her to find a hiding place where no one has any chance of finding her.

Alzheimer's was hiding Peggy this morning and I couldn't find her.  There were no giggles to lead me to the place where she was hiding so that I could yell, You're It, while I ran back to home base.

Maybe, I should  check under the bed in the back bedroom......

 Just One More Time.


I Love You Today, Peggy!

Mary Louise


beckieramos said...

Bless your heart. Try to stay strong .God IS with you.
Love, Beckie

trooperboy96 said...

Mom – It is a privilege and a treasure to read your postings. Thank you for inviting me in to read about your memories of Aunt Peggy and helping me remember my own times spent with her and her special family. Your heartfelt words give a voice to my own feelings about slowly losing the wonderful aunt that I knew, and your strength continues to guide me through my own grief process as we celebrate her wonderful life and what she means to this family.

Love, Ross

barbpinion said...

HUGS to you, dear one. I wish so much that you could find your sister under the bed. . Posting this journal is hard, I know, but it helps those of us who read about your sister to understand, in a small way, what Alzheimer's does to a person.
God bless you, Barb

rha4497496 said...

Mary Louise-your sister would be so honored and proud if she knew about this journal and your feelings about her. This is so touching! Peggy is blessed in many ways! Robyn

carolhehe said...

One day at a time.