Tuesday, February 17, 2004


This morning, I decided to do early spring cleaning. I went downstairs to tackle    "The Room"!   This room is the room that we store everything that we are not using. It is packed with memorabilia, funiture and with things that I'm not quite sure why or how they found their way to "The Room".  Looking around, I spotted the box that holds my Spoon collection. I collected spoons for many years and have silver and gold spoons from all over the world. 

I sat down to look at the collection and I came across one spoon that made me laugh.  It is a spoon that Peggy made and sent to me years ago. The spoon is plastic and broken and has the name of the tiny town where she lived at the time, printed in red fingernail polish.

The little town where Peggy lived did not have souvenir spoons. They were not even a dot on the map back then. I remember laughing the day that the spoon arrived in the mail. I remember laughing again when I proudly placed it on my spoon rack . There it was... displayed in all it's glory right beside the expensive spoons of the world that were in my collection.

I called Peggy this morning to tell her that I had found the spoon. I told her the story of the spoon and how she had made it for me but she didn't remember. I remember though and it will make me smile every time that I see it and think of the day that it arrived.  It is the spoon that made me laugh back then and maded me laugh this morning.                   

Alzheimer's may be making Peggy disappear but the memories that we have made together will live on in my heart.

I'm glad that I found my special spoon from Ama, Louisiana this morning. It is a treasure from Peggy and I will keep it safe.

I Love You Today, Peggy!  

Blessed are those who can give without remembering!

Mary Louise                   



caragrike said...

ML, I enjoyed the days journal entry. It made me smile because I can picture Peg doing this especially the red fingernail polish. I love "blessed are those who can give without remembering". Reminds me of so many people especially Peggy. caragrike

carolhehe said...

Ya know I don't ever say much but I do enjoy reading everyday your journal. Peggy is so blessed to have a sister like you. And you are so blessed to have a sister like Peggy.

merelyp said...

You are teaching us so much more than how to cope with Alzheimer's. I love reading your thoughts.

rha4497496 said...

You have such a tender, sweet heart! Do you know how many people that would have tossed that plastic spoon, especially after it was broken? Instead you tucked it away, and thankfully found it to job your memory about a brighter time in Peggy's life - and yours! Peggy is lucky to have you Mary Louise, and so are we! You are a great story teller.

beppeinpcola said...

ML, I too laughed this morning reading "the spoon journal". Peggy hhad a great sense of humor and this was just one of her ways to show it! Isn't it funny....I thought of Mother also when "red Fingernail Polish" was mentioned. Remember she would use it to block out "dirty words" in any book or article we may happen to see....sense of humor passed down from mother to daughter. Lucky for us we all have "Mother in us". Love, BJ

rrveh1 said...

Beyond Special! _RRose