Tuesday, January 6, 2004

"The Winter of The Mind"

 WINTER..The coldest season of the year following Autumn. A period of decline and distress,ect.

This could also be a definition of Alzheimer's Disease and called "The Winter of the Mind" "The Winter of the Mind" started slowly in Peggy, blowing puffs of cold air on her brain. Cold periods where she would forget, misplace things, miss appointments.    

 Peggy's  "Winter of the Mind" has placed it's icy hands on her brain and is in control. It is getting colder and blows crystals of ice that swirl around in her mind and body. She is slowly beginning to freeze as "The Winter of the Mind"  releases constant attacks to her brain.  

It will continue the storm until her brain is compeletly covered with snow and ice. The Peggy that I knew is now, frozen in time. She can only wait for the next assault of Winter to further freeze every thought and memory that she has ever had.   Winter will stay with Peggy until there is nothing left but the Cold and the Silence of a Winter storm that has passed. 

 I love you, Peggy and I would do anything for you but I can't melt "The Winter in Your Mind"! It is a helpless feeling to watch as Winter takes you away!  Sadness in my heart because you are going from my life and sadness that I cannot do much to Help You.... as You  Face "Your Winter"!  

 I Love You Today, Peggy!     MaryLouise


wendy4145 said...

I think I'm going to cry.


carolhehe said...

Alzheimer's is so sinister. I am sorry your sis got that demon.
Carol Jeanne

mlraminiak said...

I never thought I would believe myself blessed to have lost my sister the way I did. She lingered, but only for a few months... My heart truly goes out to you. You made earlier mention of a new drug which might be available in January... Did anything come of that? Lisa :-]

sistercdr said...

Winter of the mind -- it's such a fit description. Alzheimer's and dementia are such cruel diseases.

onetheretwohere said...

I just read your journal from beginning to end. This is one of the most touching journals I have read. I don't have a sister, I always wanted one though. Now after reading your journal, I know I missed out on a very special relationship. Your love and devotion for Peggy shines through this journal. I have saved it and will check back for updates. You and Peggy are in my thoughts and prayers.

caragrike said...

I love the way you describe this disease. You put visuals in my mind with your writing. Keep writing and sharing. caragrike

caragrike said...

ML, I just described the above "Winter of the Mind". I was told ML just visually describes so much with her writing. She needs to publish her thoughts. caragrike

mamaonine said...

You give to Peggy every single day. She is blessed to have you and you her.