Wednesday, January 14, 2004


Betty Jean, Barbara, Peggy and I are GRITS.

Grits are..






Yep..Ya'll...We are Grits.

Not sure why I am writing about this tonight..Just needed a break from thinking.

I have been told that I think too much and I know that that is true.

Back to GRITS...

When I was a young GRIT, My Grandmother and Mother taught many of the GRIT characteristics that I cling to today.

1. A Young GRIT does not whistle.

2. A Young GRIT does not yell.

3. A Young GRIT does not run and get sweaty.

I used to think that being TRUE GRITS meant having NO Fun at ALL!

Back to GRITS again...

4. A Young GRIT is polite.

5. A Young GRIT shows respect to her Elders.

6. A Young GRIT minds her parents.

7. A Young GRIT.... NEVAR.... Talks back to her parents or any adult.

I could go on and on but all you GRITS out there know exactly the things........... WE, As GRITS should and shouldn't DO!

My Grandmother also gave me  valuable  GRIT advice when I became a  grown woman and was about to be married. She said,

Mary Louise...I don't care how bad you feel and what chaos is going on around you, You simply Must do this every day....

Wash your face, comb your hair, put on a little rough and lipstick, hold your head high and face everyone with grace and diginity! 

THAT is what This GRIT is trying to do daily as I struggle with the up's and down's of .....Watching My Sister Disappear!

So...Mama Colley, I wanted you to know That....

I have washed my face, My hair is combed, I have on a little rouge and lipstick and I can say with Grace and Diginity.... My Head Held High.......

I Love You Today, Peggy!

Mary Louise


beppeinpcola said...

From the "Oldest GRIT" to the "Third GRIT" I say I love you tonight and always. This GRIT has neither washed her face, combed her hair nor put on rouge or lipstick -- after all, it's 11:00pm here in Pensacola, FL and I am going to bed. Nitey night.....(well, I did wash my face). Love, big sister, Betty Jean

carolhehe said...

You will never day goodbye to Peggy. She will always be in your heart and memories. At first it will be painful then you will cherish those memories. It is a good thing. Painful, yes. But a good thing.
Carol Jeanne