Friday, January 30, 2004

Funny Lady...Peggy!

Peggy always had a great sense of humor. She could get a smile and laugh from me  when I thought there was no humor left in my body. She would get so involved in telling a story and get so tickled that she couldn't get the words out. That would make me laugh harder and we would end up laughing until our sides hurt and the story never got told!

She had a certain way of looking and tossing her head when she was recounting a funny story.   I miss that side of her.

I miss hearing all the jokes and stories she would tell.

Once, she told me about a friend who always took a red marker with her when she went shopping. This friend would buy something and when she got to her car with her grand purchase..she would mark through the origional price with her red marker and replace it with a RED 50% off price! 

Another friend went to visit her gynecologist. She rushed to the rest room before she was called into his office. There was no tissue to finish her job so she searched her purse and found a tiny bit of tissue. She then went into his office for her yearly check-up. She put on the paper gown and was ready for the Doctor to come in and check her. Her Doctor sat at the end of the table and started roaring with laughter. She knew him well and asked why he was laughing. He said, I didn't realize that they were giving saving stamps with this!!!! Saving stamps were on the other side of the tiny bit of tissue she had used!! 

 I really miss hearing Peggy's stories.

I miss her humor, I miss her laughter, I miss her smile. I miss her enthusiasm for life.

I miss Peggy....... I miss The Funny Lady that she was...

I'm glad that I can remember all her stories and still smile and laugh. The Peggy, that all of us knew will never really leave our lives and memories. She will live on in our smiles as we Remember.... Peggy, Our Funny Lady!

I love you and miss you today, Peggy!

Mary Louise


beppeinpcola said...

Funny & vivacious--that was Peggy! She was such an asset to her husband in his job! Whenever I went with them to company functions,he would just stand back and watch---always said we could "work a room". We have never met a stranger and now Peggy is a stranger. I miss her so much as she was but love her so much as she is! Thanks, ML and good night. Love, Betty Jean

ondinemonet said...

Mary, this is so impressive. While Mom was dying of her Alzheimers, I was unable to talk about her let alone share what made her special. ((((Mary)))) I lost Mom in december, and this tugs my heart in a positive way, hearing about your sister helps me cope. Thanks for sharing her with us. Love, Carly

carolhehe said...

You make me wish I knew her! She sounds like she was such a fun person! And she wears shorts even when it's cold out! Just kidding. You just keep drawing me back to read about your wonderful sister.

mlraminiak said...

I love it when you call up these great memories of your sister. It is good, though bittersweet, to remember the laughter. Lisa :-]

impcjunky said...

Laughter makes the heart grow fonder, they say.. Have a good day. And I know your page helps tons of people cope with life. See ya Later

streetsofheaven5 said...

hello i feel so bad for you i had a lose like that but i was not able to tell my little girl how much i love her and miss her my little girl was kidnapped raped and killed by someone she trusted and i trusted you are very lucky you had have that time with her tell her that you love her from not so lucky