Friday, January 2, 2004

Living in a World of Strangers!

This morning, Peggy would only say, I don't know or I can't remember.  I told her that I loved her today. She said, I love you too. After I hung up the phone, I thought about what it would be like to live in a world of strangers. A world with faces but no names or remembered connections to the faces.  I was in a airport of a major city and traveling alone recently. I realized that I was experiencing some of what it would feel like to have Alzheimer's Disease! It was several hours before my next flight so I sat at a table and watched people as they passed. I was aware that there was not a single face that I knew.  It was a lonely experience to be among so many people who were strangers.  I knew that we would remain strangers because we were just sharing a moment in time. I made my way to my plane and boarded with another mass of strangers. I smiled at the pilots as I boarded.  I was aware that I was placing my life in the care of people that I did not know!  I was trusting total strangers to safely take me home. I landed in my home airport and exited the plane. I made my way, with other strangers to collect my luggage.  Then, I spotted a familar face in the crowd. A face that I remembered and that remembered me and had come to take me home!  Peggy is waiting for that familar face who will come to take her home!  There are Angels among the Strangers that come in and out of our lives!      I love you today, Peggy!      Mary Louise


ckays1967 said...

Having been the primary caregiver to someone with terminal cancer I can tell you that he KNEW the angels that came for him. He called them by name and introduced them, but only to my mother. Oneday, hopefully a long while away for your sake, your sister WILL see the faces of people she knows. And one day she'll see you again too. God Bless!

ebkent said...


I'm a nursing assistant, caring for middle to late stage Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and other types of dementia patients in a long term care setting. I love my job. I will follow your journal as often as I can.

And this, I can promise you: Your sister will not "forget love." She may not be able to acknowledge it as she once could, but she will not forget it.

If you ever need an email pal, my box is open.

Love, e.b. kent

sugerb6 said...

I so agree with you, I believe in ANGELS!