Tuesday, January 27, 2004

My Sisters...My Friends

We have so many wonderful Sisters Weeks to recall. So much fun together!

People ask us...How do you all stay together for 7 day's and not kill one another?    We are all very different but bonded in a special way. We give our parents the credit for our bond. They treated us as individuals and never compared us or our accomplishments against one other. We were "who we were" to them....BettyJean, Barbara, MaryLouise, Peggy and Johnny. We were each gifted in different area's. We were praised for our differences and encouraged to support one another in any thing that we tried. If something, good or bad happened to One Of Us...It happened to ALL of Us!

We were each other's biggest cheerleaders in our growing up times and continue to cheerlead now. Again, our parents deserve the credit for our continued close bond. Mother would say...Remember that blood is thicker than water. Take up for one another, you are sister's, if you don't take up for each other..who will? Remember Your "Colley Pride!" Don't be some boy's proving ground! Do your best. Remember, Who you are! Have Pride in yourself!  Our Daddy gave us this bit of wisdom. Anything you do...Do it well. Even if it's digging a ditch..You dig the Best Damn Ditch that has Ever been Dug! AND...Don't take no *&##! from Anybody!  I wasn't going to add this last advice but feel it is necessary and great advice.

Not to say that we didn't or don't get angry at one another..We do but we were taught to..Think...Say and "Get Over It" ( Barbara's favorite line)! We may not alway's like one another but we will ALWAY's Love One Another!

We have some great stories from our Sisters Weeks like...Putting copies of my sister's pictures in every frame in The BomBay Company at our mall! I will tell you some great stories on another day.

Here's to "The Ross Girls!"  The Fab 4!  Here's to our Parent's,our Families, our Friends!

Here's to a life remembered and a life continuing where "The Ross Gurls" will always be there for one another!

Here's to Peggy!!!!!!We miss you but we have great memories to hold on to forever!


I love each of you, Today!   Mary Louise


queenz43 said...

What wonderful parents you must have to have taught you such STRONG,INTENSE, love for one another. I am ashamed to say that I have 5 sisters and none of us are close, including our parents. Your journal gives testimony to what family should be. And what my own family has missed along the way. Peggy is so fortunate to have you all beside her. In fact, all of you are all fortunate to have one another. Thanks for sharing your memories,

beppeinpcola said...

ML,loved today's entry. We know how we love one another but you are sharing it with others and hopefully teaching them to do so. Lovefor one another is what we inherited from our parents...they had no material riches for us. How blessed we are. I always thought everyone loved as we did but as an adult I have learned "not so". I look forward to our trips to come and in memory we will always include Peggy.Love you tonight, your sis, Betty Jean