Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Remember Me This Way!

Jordan Hill                        "REMEMBER ME THIS WAY"

Every now and then..We find a special friend that Never lets us down.

Who understands it All. Reaches out each time we call. Your the Best Friend that I've found.

I know You Can't Stay.........But Part of You Will.. Never..Ever Go Away!


I'll say a Prayer for You and Hope it will Come True..That Life will Just Be Kind to such a Gentle Mind and If You Lose Your Way.....

Think Back on Yesterday.....Remember Me This Way...Remember Me This Way!

I finished my call to Peggy this morning and hung up the phone and cried. It was nothing she did or didn't say..It was just remembering and missing My Sister,My Friend.

This is SO unfair that I want to scream! Peggy doesn't deserve this fate and( in my mind) I raise my fists to heaven and shake them and yelled, WHY??Why, God?

I know that God doesn't cause these things to happen but I needed to be angry with someone. I know that we Only get really angry with those we trust....................... "To Not Go Away".

I know that God will never leave me in my anger and it is a release to yell, Why to my God knowing that love is what is being heard... not anger. 


My Arms Are Too SHORT To Box With God! 

Even after my yelling and questioning this morning,  I did not feel anger from God because of my temper tantrum.          

I felt tender hands helping me to pick up the broken pieces of my heart so that I could go on with my day.

Thank You God, for listening and caring. Thank You for finding the pieces of my heart that I scattered around in my anger. Thank You for putting my heart back together today.

I Love You Today, Peggy!

Mary Louise


caragrike said...

God knows our heart. He also knows that as humans we sometimes get angry. But the God that I know and worship listens patiently and loves and hears and comforts us when we need HIM! What a mighty God we serve and love. caragrike

sugerb6 said...

My lil sis was a very kind, faithful soul. When she was told she had cancer in June 2004 she asked us not to be angry at God. She offered up her suffering to save the souls. God reached out and touched our hands and hearts through her.