Monday, January 12, 2004

Flying Through The Fog of Alzheimer's

I called Peggy this morning to tell her that I had arrived safely in Santa Barbara. She said,You did...Good.

I left Cincinnati on Saturday and flew to Santa Barbara, Ca.  As the plane ascended, I watched through my small window and the city slowly disappeared in a haze of clouds. As we sliced through the winter sky, I wondered if this was what Peggy is experiencing.

We reached an altitude of 37 thousand feet and flew toward Salt Lake City. I  looked out of my window at the patch work of colors below and couldn't recognized towns, cities or state borders. Nothing looked familar as we flew in and out of the clouds. As we approached Salt Lake, The pilot informed us that there was a dence fog covering the Salt Lake area and that we would land in 15 to 20 minutes. I watched from my porthole to the world as we approached the mountains that surround the city and suddently we were in a haze of white. I could see nothing of the city or it's lights. As we decended, the plane bumped and swayed. I knew that I was not in control and that I would have trust the pilots to land the plane safely.

It dawned on me that this is what Peggy does every day. She trusts that she will have people around her who will take care of her.

We broke through the fog and below us was a dimly lit runway welcoming our landing.

Is this what it feels like, Peggy?

There is no way that I can know. I have to guess through my life experiences but someday...We will slice through the winter sky and touch down on a brightly lit runway.

Then...we can sit and talk and you will finally be able to tell me about your experience of disappearing through the fog of Alzheimer's.



Mary Louise



lab2401 said...

Glad you made your trip safely. If only you could be as certain in regards to Peggy's trip thru this troubling time. Thank you for sharing so very much with all of us.

rha4497496 said...

Mary Louise,
This was written so well! Even though I don't know what Peggy is experiencing, you have described what it must be like from the vantage point of the plane's window. Isn't it funny how we can gain perspective on life situations like this? Glad you got there safe and sound. Enjoy your stay with your son! Robyn

beppeinpcola said...

ML, I called Peg yesterday;we sang Amazing Grace;everyone was there and Brooke's hair is still beautiful. That was extent of conversation. Hung up saying I love you;she agreed. Her world is limited now, but wetoo do that to ourselves. All of us need to reach out,extend ourselves and definitely count our blessings. Thanks be to GOD & PEACE. Your sister, Betty Jean

caragrike said...

ML, thanks for the written words. There is a song one time that you told me about. It was I BELIEVE I CAN FLY! One day we will soar like eagles to our heavenly home and that is the time we will all be together again. Now is the time here we remember good times and love each other through our pain. I love my family! caragrike