Thursday, January 15, 2004


There are times when I feel quilty for having such a good time while Peggy's world is shrinking. I do know that she is contented, well taken care of and happy. So why do I do I feel quilty? Maybe, this is normal when you love someone and are trying to continue your life without them.

Peggy is never far from my mind and I think of her when I see wonderful objects or beautiful scenery. I want to pick up the phone and call her and say...Quess what I just saw? Just like I used to do and not so long ago.

I have always shared with Peggy and now there is a void because I can no longer share the little things in my life that makes a day so grand. I miss that and I miss the Peggy that shared her Grand day's with me. 

I have seen so many beautiful sights in Santa Barbara that I would have enjoyed sharing with her and she would have enjoyed hearing my joy and excitement.

We will be going to watch the sun set over the Pacific later this afternoon.           How I wish I could share that moment with her!                                               Peggy should Hear how Beautiful it is to watch the Huge Orange Ball fall into the blue water. She needs to hear that when the sun is gone, there is a pink, golden shadow on the sky that takes my breath away.

I think that I will just call her anyway so that we can share this Grand Moment!

Where does the Sun Go..when it goes from our sight? It Just Goes To Shine Somewhere Else! ( Unknown).

Peggy, I Love You Today! You are Never Far from My Thoughts!

Mary Louise


beppeinpcola said...

ML,I feel the same way (as you wrote). BUT. the ting I am thankful for is tat I can still call my other 2 sister to share with. The Fab 4 is no more (well, as in being able to share things) butthe Terrific Three must carryon. Love you tonight and always. Betty Jean

carolhehe said...

Mary Louise,
May I am being silly. But couldn't you take pictures of what you are experiencing, like the sunset and talk to Peggy about what you saw and felt? She may respond a little by pictures.
Only you would know though.
Carol Jeanne

sistercdr said...

I think that guilt is an ever present part of loving somebody whose mind is being assaulted by alzheimer's or another form of dementia. It helps me to remember that my enjoying a good life is what my father wanted for me.

s0ngbird1962 said...

Guilt is so tough.... But I am positive that Peggy would want you to carry on and enjoy life to the fullest. What a beautiful sunset!!! It's breathtaking. Did you take this picture?? WOW...