Thursday, February 24, 2005


Every Christmas, when I was a child, I would receive a paddle ball in my stocking. It was a paddle with a rubber band attached to it and a ball on the end of the rubber band.

I would paddle so hard to keep the ball bouncing from the paddle into the air. Peggy and I would play this game for hours. The trick was to keep the ball meeting the paddle.  Not an easy task to complete every time but we had such fun trying.

Peggy is like the ball on the end of the rubber band. She goes up and down from day to day.  I am never quite sure if I can keep the ball bouncing from my heart to hers.

I am never quite sure if the call that I make today will be the last time that I am able to bounce the ball from my heart to Peggy's ears.

 Peggy is the ball on the rubber band and she is attached to the paddle board.

The paddle board is the life that she had lived, the bouncing ball is the life that she lives today. 

She is being bounced up and down and the paddle is in the hands of Alzheimer's disease.

Today, I had the paddle in my hands for a second. I told her that I loved her today she said, I love you too!

At that instant, Alzheimer's took the paddle from my hand and continued it's game with her life bouncing her up and down and she was confused again.

For a second....

For just a second...

I held the paddle board in my hand and the ball that was Peggy came flying from the air and hit my paddle dead center by telling me that she loved me.

A small gift on a snowy, cold day.

I was able to playing paddle ball with my sister again. We both won and we both lost but we did play!

I Love You Today, Peggy!

Mary Louise.



wendy4145 said...

Excellent!!  Another WIN day!!

I know that must have felt so wonderful to hear Peggy tell you she loved you.

If she only knew how very much that meant to you!  Maybe she does.


ps, those paddles were used to beat my ass when i was a kid.  I like your usage of them MUCH better

sanforized6 said...

Beautiful analogy! rich

barbpinion said...

Just hold tightly to that moment, hon. When all the remembered moments are added up they'll keep you feeling full for awhile. Love you. Pray for you every day.

blufaery84 said...

Awww! Yes, I loved paddle ball, and still do! But you see? God was showing you the connection you very much still have to your sister, Peggy. (((((hugs)))))

mkolasa101 said...

I like your paddle ball....what a wonder metaphor it turned out to be as you shared how you related the ball on the rubber band to your sister and her fight with A disease.  You are so gifted with your words...again Thank you for sharing.  You will be in my heart and thoughts often..everytime I see a paddle ball I shall never look at it the same but will see it with this deeper meaning.