Thursday, February 17, 2005


Peggy and I have always loved music.

I heard this piece of music many times before Peggy got sick. It was pinned by Liszt somewhere between 1849 and 1850.

E Major Un poco piu mosso is played in this journal by a man named Ross Rahn.

I heard it again the other day and the melody haunted me. I couldn't figure out why so I played it over and over.

I was driving the other day and played the music again and as I listened, I realized that this piano piece represented to me, the essence of Peggy's life!

This music that was written so long ago, represents Peggy's life to me.

The first part of the piece is her birth, childhood, teen years and the first part of her 20's.  

The middle of the musical piece, when the fingers play stronger and the music is louder is when Peggy entered her late 20's, 30's and 40's. She was healthy and strong. She was caring and involved with life. She was a tennis singles champion and played a great game of golf. She volunteered and taught under privileged children how to read. She was a mother to two daughters. She was a corporate wife and entertained in her home. She was alive in the middle of her life as the music indicates.

Then, the music changes key and slows down towards the end of the piece. That is when she was in her late 40's and Alzheimer's disease entered her mind.

Listening to the last of this beautiful piece, the music slowly fades away......

Just like Peggy.

I hope you will listen to this beautiful music and think of Peggy.

The beauty of music.... my heart hears and understands.

This piano piece is...My Sister, Peggy.

I Love You today, Peggy!

Mary Louise

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wendy4145 said...

ok.  i got to this, but it stil won't let me go to the song yet.

still trying.

and... you are doing a great job dealing with this.

keeping you and family in my thoughts and prayers.


sanforized6 said...

I'll try tomorrow, I'm runnug out of time tonight. Even without hearing it, your description was "music". You are a wonderful person, thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. rich