Monday, February 21, 2005


Peggy continues to surprise me.

For several weeks, she would not talk with me. She would lay the phone down and walk away.

That is what I was expecting today but instead she talked. I told her that I loved her today and she replied, OK.

I said, Peggy, you do know that I love you and think of you every day, don't you?

Yes, she said.

That is all I wanted to say to her today.

That is all I wanted her to hear today. 

Alzheimer's disease takes the people we love away and then, out of nowhere, gives them back for a few seconds.

It is a game of Chess with a monster...Now you see me...Now you don't!

I never know what to expect when I call Peggy because Alzheimer's sets the rules of the chess game and changes them at will.

Today, I heard her voice.

Tomorrow, maybe not.

Alzheimer's may be in control of this chess game but I will never stop playing and trying to win.

I won today because I heard Peggy's voice and she heard mine.

Game....Mary Louise!!!        

Tomorrow the rules will change again and I will play the game again.

I will play the game until Alzheimer's folds the game board and takes the pieces that are left of Peggy and declares....

Game Over!

I Love You Today, Peggy!

Mary Louise


barbpinion said...

I pray the game isn't over for a long time. Much love. *Barb*

wendy4145 said...

You have the best explicit descriptions of alzhiemers.  I'm glad you won today.  You got to hear Peggy's voice.  She knows you love her and think of her every day.  Some people don't get a kind phone call like that in their whole life!  Peggy get's that every day!

trishaham said...

I'm so glad Peggy was responsive  to you today. What a feeling of great joy that must be for you. You are the best sister. My heart goes out to you and your family. I just can't imagine being in your place. You have educated me so much in reguards to this disease. Know that  you are in my prayers today.
God Bless.

lindainspokane said...

i am so happy for u...after the news of yesterday this was just the boost u i am SO HAPPY!! what a nice surprise for u today...much love to u..


sanforized6 said...

A strange game of "chess" you are playing. Glad she was there today. rich

marymnbob said...

mary Louise, the game will never be over for you, because you will always have Peggy alive in your heart.  love,