Tuesday, November 30, 2004


I have recieved word from a faithful reader that when she tried to leave a comment...She got this message.

"The Owner of his Journal has chosen to prevent you from making comments." 

I have no idea why ANYONE would get this message when trying to leave a comment! I have Never blocked a screen name.

Leaving a comment on my journal helps me more than anyone could know and to think that anyone is blocked has upset me.

If you have tried to leave me a comment and have gotten this computer error message...I apologize.

To Flo....I am so sorry that you got the error message. I cherish your comments and hope you will continue to read and leave a comment. Thank you, Flo for bringing this to my attention!

I will attempt to contact the journals and find the answer to this problem.


Mary Louise


barbpinion said...

I'm glad you're checking about this. It happened to me once but then next time it let me leave a comment. I didn't worry about it. I just figured it was another AOL computer problem. *Barb*

sarajanesmiles said...

AOL - tiny Grrr!
Haven't had a problem, but will keep trying if I do.
Take care hon.
Sara   x

luvmybucs2000 said...

Mary Louise,
I just wanted to say your journal is amazing and your sister sure would be proud to read it. You have taught me so much about alzheimers and the love for a sister..thank you for sharing such a tough time of your life.