Thursday, November 11, 2004


 My talk with Peggy this morning was different.

The sitter told her that it was her sister, Mary Louise on the phone.

When Peggy took the phone, I noticed a sadness in her voice.

I told her who I was and asked how she was doing today.

She said, good.

Peggy, I said, you don't sound like you are good. You sound sad. Are you sad today?

Yes, she said. I am sad.

Will you tell me why you are sad? I really want to know.

Yes, was her reply. But then the silence. I waited through it and finally said,

Peggy, talk to me about the sad that you are feeling this morning.

Then she paused for a long time trying to find the words. Then she said, Sheree and the babies are here. Brooke and the babies are here. I don't like to go to church today.

It sounds like a lot is going on at your house. Can you tell me more about being sad?

She was trying so hard to put sentences together but could only say single words that did not go together. After she finish the jumbled sentences I said to her....

You do have a lot to deal with today, Peggy.

Can I help you with anything?

Her answer made me feel good and sad at the same time.

She said, no, I'm good because Mary Louise is here with me and she makes me good.

I said, Mary Louise must love you a lot, Peggy.

She sure does, was her reply.

She stays with me and makes me smile.

I'm glad that she is there with you.

Me too!

Mary Louise really loves you, Peggy!

I know she does cause she makes me laugh when I feel sad.

Tell Mary Louise hello for me, O K?

O. K. I will.

Peggy,  make sure and smile for Mary Louise today because that will make her very happy.

I know it does. I will.

 Good. I love you, Peggy.

I Love you too, Baby.

My sadness over this conversation is that she didn't know that she was talking with Mary Louise.

The happy part of my talk with Peggy this morning is that she feels that I am with her and that I can still make her smile.

Her voice sounded better when we hung up the phone. There is some comfort knowing that Peggy feels that I am close to her and that I love her. Some where in her mind...she still remembers love. Somewhere in her mind... she still remembers me.

It is a gray, rainy day here...outside and in my heart but.....

I am smiling because Mary Louise is with Peggy on this day in her life. She is with her and she remembers how much I love her. Somewhere in her mind she remembers all the smiles that we have shared. Somewhere in her mind, Peggy and I are still sharing all the smiles of our lives..

That is a special gift from Peggy on this gray, rainy day in Ohio.

I Love You Today, Peggy!  and......

I am smiling too!

Mary Louise




lindainspokane said...

all i can say is, this entry made me really sitting her bawling like a baby...i cant even imagine how hard it would be to be talking to my sister i love so much, and no she hasnt a clue its me on the phone and yet shes saying that i am there with her making her thoughts and prayers are with u all...


magogos said...

This made me cry, too. Thank you for sharing this journey with us. Blessings,

stormie4851 said...


kristiejune34 said...

Oh My..... (((Hugging you in my heart!))))

jgalarza879 said...

Wow, I cannot imagine the impact this has had on your life...Thank you for visiting my journal, and I have put oyu on my alerts... This disease is the saddest one...Losing them before they are even gone..((HUGS))


slacbacmac said...

My eyes are moist but i want to join
the smiling.  Blessings on the family...
Courage on the page
[i should visit more frequently]

sjbodnar2 said...

I wish I had a brother or sister to love me the way you love Peggy.  I am sad, but I am happy that Peggy was able to give you comfort.  That had to have ment the world to you.  You Take Care Today Mary Louise.       Sheila

peppypioneer said...

And now I too smile, along with countless other readers of this blog.  I'm happy that you had tis talk with Peggy today and that you can be there with her, even if only for a little while.  Paulette

caragricke said...

I can't read this without crying someday maybe I will read it.  I do remember all the pictures and know exactly why I am laughing while we are sitting on the bed.  Thanks for putting the words on paper even tho I can't read them today.  caragricke (Barbara)