Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Dear Peggy,

Your favorite season is on the way! I know how much you loved the Christmas season.

I remember the Christmas that we gave each other the same "sisters" coffee cups! We had such a good laugh when we opened our gifts and realized we had bought the same cup for one another.

I'm sorry that you can't remember that Christmas because it was a special time for each of us.

I also miss talking to you on the phone at this time of year. We always fused a little about our husbands and wanted them to get in the spirit of the season like we did.

I am glad that I still remember our Christmas' as children......I am sad that you cannot bring those memories up to warm your heart during this month before Christmas.

This will be a happy month for me. You, of all people know how I really get into the decorating and gift buying.

Peggy, If I can find a store that sells memories........

I will buy all of your memories back for you.

They will be under your Christmas tree wrapped in bright red paper and a fluffy green bow and the card will say, this box contains all of Peggy's memories.

So, as I go about the month, getting ready for the happiest time of the year........I will hold you and all of our memories in my heart.

This is the time for miracles so........

Maybe, you will find a package under your Christmas tree from me!

It will say....

To Peggy from Mary Louise

Merry Christmas 2005!

When you open the box and pull back the white tissue...

You will be able to see and hold all of your forgotten memories on Christmas morning!

Just one more time.

I Love You Today, Peggy!

Mary Louise


mawmellow said...

There are no words adequate to express what I felt as I read your letter to Peggy.  

magogos said...

Your love for her is so strong and poignant and eloquent that you leave me speachless. Margo

siennastarr said...

That was so beautiful it made me cry.  I wish you could give Peggy back all her memories.  Heck, I wish you could give her back the vibrant life that I know she once had..

Beautiful entry, Mary Louise...


wendy4145 said...

Lets all pray for that miracle.

I pray that Peggy Remembers past  Christmases this year.  That something special does spark her memory and that she feels the warmth, love and meaning of Christmas.  I pray that Mary Louise gets to share in that with Peggy.  

Merry Christmas Peggy!
And Mary Louise!

sanforized6 said...

Wonderful thought for your sis, sure wish your miracle would, could happen. rich

brandyp0509 said...

Your sister is beautiful and I am so sorry you all are having to be dealt this blow in this life but I believe that deep inside, your sister has these memories of this that she can see but not project to you if that makes sense and when she is alone or asleep and dreaming they are there and you are there.  I wish I had something great to say that could possibly give you comfort but there are no words. Brandy