Friday, November 18, 2005


Weekend Assignment #86: Who are you thankful for -- who you won't be able to spend this Thanksgiving with? This is a chance to tell us about the people you care about who will be far away from you this holiday, or who have passed on but remain in your heart.

  I have been Watching Peggy Disappear for 7 Thanksgivings. I never get accustomed to the fact that she is gone, especially during holiday's.   Peggy loved Thanksgiving and Christmas and was the life of the party.   I miss her always but especially during this time of the year!   I Love You Today, Peggy! I will miss having you near next Thursday!   Mary Louise


mawmellow said...

Holidays are such a difficult time.  Peggy will be your heart.
  Blessings to you and yours at this difficult time.  

wendy4145 said...

I hope you can be close by to other loved ones.  They won't take the place of Peggy, but they can make your hoiday joyful in it's own way.

I wish you, Peggy and the rest of you a Wonderful, Thankful, Thanksgiving and a spirited, meaningful Christmas.

dr31415 said...

Mary Louise, I found your journal through a mutual acquaintance (although virtual).  Her name is Sharon (  

I began reading about your sister and my heart filled with understanding.  I too am going through a similar struggle.  I am always impressed with women's abilities to capture their emotion and to share.  Us men do not usually have that fine skill.  We subdue our emotions and simply carry them deep.

I was touched to read about Peggy.

My Peggy is named Jerry.  He is my only brother.  Jerry suffered a stroke three years ago (December 8, 2002).  He is paralyzed on his right side.  He has one arm and one leg at his disposal and he has lost the ability to communicate effectively.  He can't make complete sentences.  It has been a struggle to understand what he needs or wants to say.  He gets frustrated because he thinks we understand him... but we don't.  We try desperately to know what he is thinking.  We work hard to take care of him.  I hope we are doing well.

When you mentioned the word "baby" to Peggy, she whispered.  Funny connection... when Jerry had his stroke, he would whisper the words, "Shhh, the baby is sleeping" and then he would laugh quietly.  I am his younger brother and maybe this is something that was left in his mind by my mother back in a "cubby" where he can reach it and use the sentence.  Sometimes there is light and he makes a sentence which we can understand but most times it is a string of words that make no sense at all.

continued on next message...

dr31415 said...

continued from last comment....

What does this mean for the soul??? Where is the Spirit during this physical incapacitation?  Peggy and Jerry, are still in there.  But they are experiencing our reality in their own way.  We are sad because we cannot reach them as we would others without these problems.  But I assure you, that all of your actions, all of your words to her are being recorded for playback at another time.  Why do I say that?  I lived through my death and got to review my life.  During that review, I heard people talk about me even when I was not there.  I heard everything ever shared about me, with me, from me, around me (prepositions eh?)...

We are sad, because we cannot do what we want with these loved ones... but know that in the long run there is an awakening beyond anything we know here in this existence... I was more awake and alive after death than before.  Peggy will get to catch up on all the things we feel she is missing out on.  Keep strong Mary Louise, you are doing all the right things.