Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Peggy used 3 word sentences when I spoke with her on Sunday night.

That is rare now and it was good to hear.

I told her that I missed her and she said; You Do? Good!

Her voice was strong and she seems happy.

The holiday's make me miss Peggy more than ever.

I find myself tearing up when I hear certain Christmas songs.

I have so many wonderful memories of our shared holiday's together and I must draw on those.

I refuse to let her disappearance ruin the happiness of the holiday's!

I have to do this or Peggy just might find me and hit me over the head with a baseball bat! (smile).

This was her favorite time of the year and we will share it together....

 In memories.

I Love You Today, Peggy!

Happy Thanksgiving!


thebaabee said...

Mary Louise,
I am so very sorry.  The holidays are so hard.  Hugs  and Prayers, LuAnne

sanforized6 said...

Man, the Holiday Season is tough on a lot of people. Something about getting older that kind of ruins the whole thing for me. You hold on to those good memories, Peggy will approve, unknowingly, and it will be better for you. Have as good and blessed Season as you can. Your admirerer, rich

yankeygr said...

Hi, I'm new to your journal, but am very much captivated by it. I dont really know if this works or not, but I have a friend who's Mother has the same thing that your Sister has. She told me that her Dr. told her that giving patients with Alts. (sorry, I cant spell that) Codiene, that its supposed to help with progression. He gave it to her Mother and she said it helped a lot!  I dont know if theres any truth to it but I thought that it might be worth it for you to check it out. I work at a hospital, and asked one of the Dr's if there was any truth to it, but he said that if it did, it was new to him. I dont know, I might be just wasting your time. But please check it out. Wouldnt it be great if it was in fact true? If its not true, then I'm so sorry for wasting your time.  Rhonda

wendy4145 said...

I'm glad she was able to talk more today!  I'm glad she was feeling happy.  I'ts ok to hold on to happiness, despite alzhimers.  I'ts ok to tear up over the saddness that some songs bring.   Because the last thing Peggy would do is try to ruin your holiday.  She wouldn't do it before she became ill, she wouldn't intentionally do it after.

I hope Peggy's Christmas is a fine one.
I hope your christmas is almost everything you want and need it to be.  I would have said EVERYTHING.... and if it's possible, I hope you get everythign you want and need this holiday!