Thursday, November 17, 2005


AOL took it upon themselves to put advertising at the top of all AOL journals without permission. If I had wanted to advertise, I would have written in a Blog that pays for advertising space in a journal.

I was insulted  when I saw the adds flashing above my words  about Peggy and they feel intrusive.

It made me think of Alzheimer's disease and the way it intruded it's self into Peggy's life.

She didn't ask for Alzheimer's to come into her mind, it just came and took over.

She wouldn't have wanted it to cover her brain with it's on agenda but it did.

Peggy is now a walking billboard for Alzheimer's disease, an advertisement for what it can do to a mind. 

I am angry about this intrusive move into my space by AOL. I pay money  to AOL every month for the privilege of using my journal space as I see fit.

This journal was written to express my questions, my grief, my pain and my sense of loss.

It is written to explain how a young vibrant woman could end up in a nursing home, not knowing who she is and remembering her life.

This journal was not meant to be a flashing advertising bill board for AOL.

I need to be angry at someone for the intrusion of Alzheimer's disease into my sister's life, into my life. I need to be angry that AOL has intruded my journal with it's agenda into my journal space.

So, AOL will get my stored up anger!

I'm sure that a giant like AOL is shaking in their corporate boots at the thought that I am angry about being used in this manner.

How dare they use my sister and my journey to advertise!

I had permission to start this journal about Watching My Sister..Disappear

AOL did not ask for my permission to place these adds at the top of my journal.

Peggy cannot voice her opinion about anything any longer and I have been trying to be her voice.

AOL...Hear this.....At this point in my journal writing, you have become the definition of intrusion.

INTRUSION  n. interruption, forced entrance, trespass, intervention, meddling, encroachment, invasion, overstepping, transgression, nose-in, horn-in, muscle-in; see also INTERFERENCE.

You, AOL crept into my space and wrote your agenda above my words.

Just like Alzheimer's disease crept into Peggy's mind, took her free will away with it's intrusion into her life.

Hey Peggy, we still have our spunk!

I Love You Today, Peggy!

Mary Louise


magogos said...

Of course you do-both of you, and somehow these awful ads seem worse on this journal than many others(though I hate the mere concept.) Margo

sunny112659 said...

You are so right about AOL. I have not written in my journal since I saw the ads. They Aol was in the wrong when they put there ads they were being payed for in our journals. Sunny

mslambersfour said...

Mom - You fight the good fight!  Peggy may not be able to fight on her own... but I know you are!  I think AOL heard your words... it seems as if those obtrusive ads have been fought off... I only wish Alzheimers was as easy to destroy!
I love YOU today mom!

wendy4145 said...

I didn't see the ads.  But I agree that aol and alzheimers is intrusive!

I'm glad you let them know that was not cool to do!

pharmolo said...

Didn't notice the ads, but when I do notice them, I hate them. They're usually vulgar and detract from the subject in hand. Good luck, particularly at Thanksgiving, next Thursday.

mander1295 said...

I have another problem with my AOL Journal.  Some of my entries have mysteriously disappeared!  I believe it is impossible for anyone other than AOL or me to delete one of my entries and I know I didn't so that leaves AOL.  Have you had any of your entries go missing?

brandyp0509 said...

Ya know your journal is one of the many that I get so pissed at AOL for these ads because you're right it is intrusive at best. I find that they are exploiting your heartfelt feelings and hurts, etc for the almighty dollar. My journal has nothing of substance so really they are just exploiting me and my quest of silliness but yours and others like yours well it just makes me furious!!! Brandy