Wednesday, November 16, 2005


I was upset when I saw the Add Banner across the top of my journal!

It is tacky and offensive!

AOL did not ask permission to do this to our journals.

I apologize to all who read my words and have to see the add banner across the top of my journal.

If you also have feelings about this contact... 

And tell them what you think!

I know that Peggy wouldn't like it one bit!

Pretty soon, we will be putting add banners on our babies if we don't stop this assault of advertising on our eyes and minds!

I Love You Today, Peggy!

Mary Louise



mawmellow said...

I'm glad you are continuing here with your journey with Peggy.  I have already expressed my feelings to aol.  Banners or no banners, I'll continue to read.  
Bless you and Peggy and all those that care for her.  

firestormkids04 said...

I'm still here, too and will continue to be.  I have done my complaining and so forth.  blessings, Penny

lavernwest said...

Thanks, Mary Louise (and Penny) for continuing your journals, despite the ad banners.  If all journal writers move, I will certainly miss them.  All of them are a very important part of my day--so am so glad you have chosen to continue your journal writing.
Much love to you and Peggy,

psychfun said...

Awesome Pick!