Friday, December 2, 2005


I was shopping for Christmas gifts the other day.

I watched the people's faces as they hurried past me as I walked through the mall.

I was feeling blue and needed to see a smile directed toward me to help me through the sad feelings.

I did not see a single smile because everyone, including me, was so absorbed in our own lives, our own sadness of the season.

I made my way to the food court, found a table and sat to watch people.

There was no laughter that I could hear. The mall music was softly playing Christmas carols in the background.

Everything was decorated and ready for Christmas except...

The people in the mall and......


I am in a search for my Christmas spirit this season and my shopping trip to the mall made it very clear to me the the spirit that I was searching for that day was not to be found in...

The mall.

The spirit that I am searching for this year cannot be bought, wrapped and given to me.

My Christmas spirit has been covered under my grief and pain.

The grief of many losses and the pain of knowing that I can't change what is...

My spirit this season can only be found inside of me.

I went back to the mall to try an experiment.

I didn't look at the faces of the people who passed me hoping that they would give me the smile that I needed from them.

Instead, I gave my smiles to their faces.

I bought a gift in a store and as I turned to leave the store, I said Happy Holidays to the sales person and she smiled back at me.

I helped a lady pick up her coat from the floor and she smiled and thanked me. I said; Happy Holidays and she said, thank you and smiled back at me.

What I learned in a few hours in the mall was.....

You cannot wait for other people to give you the spirit of the season.

You have to give of yourself and when you do, the smiles will come from the faces of strangers and warm your heart. Giving of yourself brings the spirit of the season back home where it belongs.

If you are searching for the spirit of the season this year...You will find it when you give your spirit away.

It's amazing how the smiles come back home when you open the door of your heart and welcome others inside.

I Love You Today Peggy and I miss you this Christmas season.

I miss your smile this year but I did see your smile in so many faces at the mall when I took the time to give my smile away.

Mary Louise       A work in progress

Always remember to forget the things that made you sad.

But never forget to remember the things that made you glad.

( Elbert Hubbard )




wendy4145 said...

so true!
I usually only feel the hubbub of christmas until christmas eve when I give up my tears when hearing the children sing at church.

we do have to allow Christmas don't we...

God isn't pushy is he/she?   We have the choice to open our  hearts to Christmas, to God... or not.

I will keep that in mind as i see the hopeless looks on the faces in the mall..
and I'll drop a smile, even when i don't feel like it

Happy Holidays Mary Louise
=    )  a  ***smile**** to you*****


psychfun said...

Dr. Wayne Dyer talks about what you experienced. He says what you give is what you get back. I'm starting to see that more & more.  Have you checked out his website?

trooperboy96 said...

I continue to learn from you and appreciate your lessons more with each passing day.  I love you, Mom.  

whitedove3622 said...

Thanks, this was such an uplifting thing to see first thing this morning. We all have our heartaches, what a wonderful way to let go of the pain for a while.

thebaabee said...

I have been reading your journal for a long time now.  I read back to an entry you wrote at Christmastime 2003.  Here is a copy of some of it.
My sister's love is very special, one I'll treasure through the years.

We've played and laughed together and ofttimes shed many tears.

But through life's maze of problems,

God's placed a bond of love within....

To unite our hearts in wisdom.....

Changing Sister's into Friends!

Judy Meggers

Your bond with Peggy has remained steadfast and strong.  Deep down in Peggy's mind her heart is smiling.  I am sure of it.

Have a Blessed Holiday Season!
Hugs always LuAnne

salemslot9 said...


barbpinion said...

Happy Holidays, Mary. I wish I had been at the mall. I know I'd have smiled at you. I too, have noticed how people are wrapped up in themselves, not necessarily selfishly, but wrapped up in their life and their own problems. I think people forget how huge a gift a smile is, or even a nod sometimes. I hope you never forget how loved you are here, in J-land.
Much love,

sanforized6 said...

Another gem. Thanks for sharing. Happy Holidays!! rich

siennastarr said...


That not only goes for Christmas but for all year round!  I work in a busy ER and sometimes just a warm blanket, a kind word, and a smile can make a patients long wait in the ER a much more tolerable one.  A smile goes a long way, anytime of the year!

Beautiful entry... as always..


wumzels2 said...


there was a letter printed in a new york city newspaper many years went something like this........

"my life means nothing to me anymore.  there is no love, no one to need me, no one to love me.  my life is worthless.  no one even smiles at me any more.  no one seems to be happy.  i plan on taking my own life tonight, by jumping off the tallest part of the brooklyn bridge.  my meager apartment is quite some distance from the bridge, and i am sure, here at this Christmas season, i will pass hundreds of people on my way to the bridge.  if ONE person will smile at me on my journey there, you will never read this letter.  just ONE person with a smile meant for me alone............"

like i said earlier, the letter was printed in the paper..............

stop and remember the happy things in your is too short to miss out on smiling, laughing, and making happy memories............

may all be blessed this Christmas season.

caragricke said...

Beautifully written.....I love you...Merry Christmas...caragricke (Barbara