Monday, December 5, 2005


I was watching Extreme Home Makeover last night on television.

The show was about a father and his three little girls.

The oldest girl was 6 years old and cried every time her mother's name was mentioned. Her little sister's were 3 years old and a baby in arms.

The 28 year old mother had died months before and the young father was trying to raise the children in a house that was not good.

The 6 year old girl was mature beyond her years and had written in to Extreme Home Makeover because she wanted her family to be happy again.

What struck me about the show was that only the father and little 6 year old girl cried at the mention of the Mother and wife.

The other two children did not cry when they heard their Mother's name.

Peggy doesn't cry for me like I cry for her.  Just like the two little girls  that did not cry when they heard their Mother's name, on the show last night...

You cannot cry and miss someone that you don't remember.

I Love You Today, Peggy!

Mary Louise


wendy4145 said...

Yes. The two little sisters missed out on ever getting to know their Mother.  

The new makeover won't bring back their Mother, but....It sure helps them in their present time.

That is a great show.  Because good things in bad times can make all of the difference most times.

sanforized6 said...

At least you know she did know you. Those little kids never did know their mom. Either way, it's sad. I feel for you everytime I read your beautiful stories. Thanx, rich